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The purpose of this flyer is to give you some information on our club that should help you in deciding if you would enjoy being part of the Puyallup Hawg Hunters.

Historically, the focus of our club has been our common interest in and enthusiasm for competitive bass fishing.  By competitive we mean the friendly easy going kind of activity that is common among friends in any sporting activity.

Most people seeking out a bass club want to learn about bass fishing from others who have already achieved some proficiency in bass fishing. Our club tournaments will give you the chance to fish with members and learn more in one day or weekend than you could learn on your own in months of fishing by yourself.

At our monthly club meetings we discuss the up coming lakes we are going to be fishing as well as other lakes we have fished during the year. We share what is working and where.  Before, during, and after our meetings you will have a chance to talk to members about the many aspects of bass fishing ranging from boats and motors to where to buy tackle. You can arrange to go fishing with different members. Most of the members go fishing as often as they can and will gladly take you fishing if you ask them.

This brings up an important point. If you decide to join our club, you will have the primary responsibility to see that you get what you need from the club. While we appoint a buddy for all new club members to ensure a positive transition into the club it is still your responsibility to be aggressive enough to get what you want out of the club.

Each year we try to do things to improve bass fishing like working on conservation projects related to the fishery we enjoy and improving the image or bass fishing in the local community by raising money for charities and working with kids. We participate in state and national groups that govern and influence our fisheries. If you decide to join our club we will expect you to take a part in the functioning of the club. We will expect you to be willing to give of your time and energy to help our club stay a viable organization. Because we limit our membership to keep it a close personal club we are dependent on each member to be part of the work as well as the fun.

We were originally affiliated with Bass Anglers Sportsman Society, a national organization of bass fishermen.  The B.A.S.S.  affiliation changed in 2006.  The club continues to be a member club of the Washington State Bass Federation,  The Bass Federation Inc. (TBF Inc - an organization that represents all of the state Federations) and FLW.    Each year the top ten anglers from the previous year represent the club at the Federation Qualifier Tournaments.

We meet the 2nd Wednesday of the month  at 7:00 PM at South Hill Denny's, 626S. Hill Park in Puyallup.


Contact  Mark Mrzena  at 253 861-0189 for membership information.

Map - South Hill Denny's, 626 S. Hill Park Dr, Puyallup