Volume 75  Issue 1 Club Website: HTTP://www.puyalluphawghunters.com     June 2002

Puyallup Hawg Hunters

Eric Woods - Duck Lake Winner

 Rea Long with the big smallie at the Jamboree - 3.84 #'s

         Jamboree Results

The club had 15 members and guests fishing at the Jamboree.  The weather was great for the 3 days of fishing.   We had 3 father and son teams,  Bryan and Alan Vance, John Davis and father and Mike Buse Jr. and Mike Buse Sr. (AKA .. Joe Perrin) and 2 significant other teams, Paul and Susan Jones and Kenny G and Rea L.  The club finished in 6th place.  Although no individual finished in the top 25 Rea Long caught the big smallie of the tournament.  A 3.84 # smallie.  She won $100 worth of brass and glass and $75 from the club big fish pot!  Lyle Bowman had a 3.55 #  smallie that was also worth reporting.  Mike Buse Sr. ( AKA .. Joe Perrin ) also won $100 worth of brass and glass for finishing just below the sponsor that provided the brass and glass.

          Banks Lake
     Conservation Day 
At the May club meeting the club agreed to work at Banks Lake in July to fulfill the club's conservation requirements.  When the date is finalized, club members are urged to participate!  We will need at least 6 club members participating to meet our requirements.  Free camping will be provided by Coulee Playland.

   Duck Lake Results
30 members and guests fished the Duck Lake tournament on may 18th and 19th.  5 limits were weighed on Saturday and only 1 on Sunday.  Eric Woods won his second straight tournament and big fish for the second straight tournament.  Congratulations to Eric.  Congratulations to Kenny G for second place and John Davis for third.  See the results for full results.
      Possible Klutz?

Frank White, using a borrowed Classic Skeeter, ran out of gas on Saturday and was unable to weigh his fish and Mike Hostetter's fish.  This may have moved the club up several places in the standings!  Several club members joined the search for Frank on Saturday.  Frank said his 150 horsepower engine could have lasted for the whole tournament with the $20 worth of gas he bought on Friday.  On Monday evening at dinner, Kenny G received a emergency message at Stucks tavern that he had received a emergency phone call at the motel.  He and Rea ran 2 blocks back to the motel to find out that Franks had left a message that he left his bible in the motel and wanted Kenny to pick it up before he left Banks Lake.

    Lake Roosevelt    
Nine club members held a big fish tournament at Lake Roosevelt from 2:00 pm until 6:00 pm on Memorial Day after the Jamboree Awards.  Bryan Vance just nosed out Doug Jorgensen with a 2.7 # smallie.  Each of the nine participants reported catching 2 or 3 limits with many fish over 2 pounds.  Lake Roosevelt should be the number 1 candidate for a club tournament between late April and late May next year.  Kent reported that every member caught limits for 2 days during their recent mid May tournament.
Yamamoto Product
Jim Littrel, from J & B Lures, has indicated that he can get the club a giant discount on Yamamoto product if we by at least $900 in product.  The normal price for Yamamoto product is $5.95 per package.  If we buy $900 worth the price will be approximately $3.35 per package.   Please contact Tom Melowitz by phone or email with quantity, color and type if you are interested in participating.  As soon as we have people signed up for $900 the order will go in.
     Newsletter Articles
Anyone with story for the Newsletter should contact Tom Melowitz to get it included in  a upcoming Newsletter.

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