April 14, 2010 Meeting Minutes


The meeting was called to order by Vice President Bob Graf at 7:02 pm and adjourned at 8:00 pm.   No one claimed the big fish pot.  The special guests at the meeting were
Kyle Turner and James Higgins.

Program Activity:   None

Tips, Tactics and Techniques:   
Frank White talked about new members fishing backseat at federation qualifiers. He said it is important to pay attention to the details your boater is doing.  Also remember to write the stuff down in your fishing log.  Take good notes and make sure you learn something every time you go out.

Al Vance is picked for next months Tips.

Raffle:  The raffle generated $49. 

Treasurerís Report:  Wayne Bailey reported that we have
$100 in savings and $7164 in checking.  With $1895 in checks
outstanding we have a  Checking Balance of $5269

Minutes:  The March minutes as posted on the Internet were approved.

Conservation Report:  No Report

Federation Report:  The Federation wants to have web meetings to cut down on travel expense.   Gerald wants to have the club sell solar bat sun glasses.  We will talk more about this at the next meeting when Gerald is back. The 2010 qualifiers have been changed to July 31st at Riffe and August 31st at Potholes. The Moses Lake tournament has been eliminated.

Tournament Report:  Hoss said, "The tournament was terrible and unorganized".    He needs help to make sure the Mickelsen tournament is run much smoother.  Michael Coffey says he plans on helping more and the club decided it was mostly just lack of communication.   Jaymee Strasbaugh and Lance Cash won $1409 at the open.   Shawn McDaniel won the club tournament.  Ron Ryan has big fish with a 4.45 largemouth.  The Lake Washington club tournament will have a 5:45 blast off with 5:30 drivers meeting.

Fishing Reports: 
No Reports.

Safety: Make sure you have Boaters ID cards if required this season

Old Business: None

New Business:   Rick Cueva was voted in as a full member.

Klutz nominations:  No nominations