Puyallup Hawg Hunters
September 9,  2015 Meeting Minutes



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Meeting was called to order by Mark at 7:13 pm.

Special Guest was Shom Barrientos. Interested in joining the club and was recommended by Anthony Douglas.

Tips, tactics and techniques: Eric Hills was supposed to do it this month. Epic fail on his part. He will try again next month.

Big Fish: None. Doug talked about starting a big fish pot instead. $20 buy in and whoever catches the biggest fish in a club tournament will win the pot. Starting in the 2016 season. You have to buy into the pot before a fish would count. Lots of interest in doing this.

August minutes: Were accepted as posted on the internet.

Treasurer's report: Aaron said we have $1503.61 in the bank account. Still have to pay for Mickelson trophies.

Conservation: TBF weigh in tanks the club built were a big hit at the qualifier. Big thanks to Charity and Ty for getting this done and Doug for hauling them over. Our conservation project is now complete for 2015.

Tournament report: Riffe club event saw Ty and Brandon win. Ty's 2nd win and Brandon's 1st.  Moses Lake club event this Saturday and Sunday. Launching from Cascade Park with 5:50 drivers meeting and 6:15 blast off. Weigh in at 3 on Saturday and 1 on Sunday.  Club fish off coming up in October. Luke Morgan is taking lead on this and put together a team.  Mickelson prep. Get sponsor stuff. Doug is taking lead on it. Tim will help at blast off. Hoss and Tim with do weigh in. Hoss as the weighmaster.
Club Lake Washington tournament drivers meeting 6:30. Blast off at 7 AM.

Safety: Nothing new

Federation: Puyallup had a good showing at Potholes. Dwayne Lyons won and Doug was 2nd. Puyallup has 5 members on the team to go to the divisional. We also won the club title by a long ways.

Elections: Mark nominated and accepted for President. Doug nominated and accepted for VP. Aaron nominated and accepted for treasurer. Keith nominated and accepted for secretary. Jaymee will continue was tournament director, Doug as safety and Ty as conservation.  Elections will be held next month.

New business: Due are to be paid next month. Eric Hills will work on club Facebook page.

Old business: Keith was eligible to be voted in. He was voted in as a full member. Luke is still working on club jerseys and hoodies. Contact him to order.

Raffle: No raffle because Hoss forgot the stuff.

Meeting adjourned at 8:40 PM.