Puyallup Hawg Hunters
September 14, 2011 Meeting Minutes



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The meeting was called to order at 7:10 PM and adjourned at 9:00 PM.  No one claimed the big fish pot. The special guests was Ty Watterson.  Wayne Bailey is Ty's fishing buddy.

Program Activity:  

Tips,Tactics,and Techniques:  None.  Ryan Gates is still on for  October.
Minutes:  The minutes from August were accepted as posted on web.
Treasurers Report: Wayne Bailey reported a balance of $880.12 in checking, $.81 in savings and $200  in petty cash.

Conservation Report:
   No Report

Tournament Report:  Lower Columbia Results  
                                  Top 5: 5 - Kevin Jorgensen - 11.56lbs
                                             4 - Kenny G. - 11.64lbs
                                             3 - Mike Hostetter - 16.53lbs
                                             2 - Brian Vance - 16.55lbs
                                             1 - Jaymee Strasbaugh - 16.79lbs

Fishing Reports:  No reports

Safety Report: No safety report.   Kenny did share an incident that happened to him while pre-fishing alone for the lower Columbia event. Strong current and submerged obstruction threw Kenny from his boat with out floatation devise. His ability as a very strong swimmer and his boat being pinned against obstruction was the only thing that allowed him to return to his boat safely. Wear your floatation devise at all times when fishing alone and in foul conditions.

Federation Report:  No Report.  Russ Baker did lead a conversation about the state of TBF in Washington. From tournament participation to possible nominations for new officers for the state. The necessity for TBF to be strong in this state.

New Business: Discussed WaFish club fishoff on Oct. 15 and making the team roster for thar event. top 10 point leaders to make 5 teams.   Asked for volunteers for the open: Ron Ryan,  Russ Kroeker, Tim Griswald, Mark Mrzena and Tom Melowitz.
Nominations for club officers were held:
Sponsor Director: Ron Ryan was re-nominated uncontested

Tournament Director: On hold until the October meeting because no one accepted the nomination
Treasurer: Mark Mrzena was nominated and elected
                  Wayne Bailey was determined un-eligible to hold office due to constitutional requirements (Article III, Sect VI)
Secretary:  Kevin Higgins was nominated and elected
Vice President: Joe Scheperle was nominated and uncontested
President: Aaron Christel was nominated and voted in
                 Gerald Dunn was nominated
                 Wayne Bailey was nominated but was determined un-eligible per constitutional requiremnets (Article III, Sect VI)

Old Business: None

Raffle:  No raffle

Klutz Nominations:  No nominations