September 8, 2010 Meeting Minutes

The meeting began at 7:08 PM and adjourned at 8:40 PM.   No one claimed the Big Fish Pot.  There were no special guests.

Tips, Tactics, and Techniques: Bryan Vance talked about one of his favorite ways to fish and that is Punching Mat.  He looks for  Mat that has clean water under it .  If it doesn't it is to choked out and a waste of time.  Bryan uses 1 oz to 1 1/2 oz pegged sinkers.  He likes heavy wire hooks and 65 # braid.    Bryans favorite baits are soft plastics.  He likes craws, tubes, and beavers.   Punch skirts also work well.   He uses a 4 power 7'5" flipping stick.   Shawn McDaniel is on for next month.  

Program Activity:

Raffle:  The raffle generated $44.

Treasurerís Report: Wayne Bailey reported $2627.98 in checking, $600.22 in savings, and $299.00 in petty cash, with $2230.00 outstanding for a total of 1297.02.

Minutes:  The August minutes as posted on the Internet were accepted.

Banquet Report:    No report.

Conservation Report: We will be doing a trash pick up on Potholes Sunday after the Sunday weigh in at Pot hles.  So please stick around and help with the trash pick up.

Federation Report:
Michael Coffey will be filling in for Gerald at the Federation meeting on Saturday morning to take notes.

Tournament Report:  Ten campsites have been reserved at Sportsman's. There will be a club BBQ Saturday evening following the weigh in. Kevin Jorgenson will be supplying the food and Shawn is bringing the BBQ.

Fishing Reports: 
Washington has been good on drop shots and football heads. The fish are in fall patterns and starting to feed up for the long winter.

Safety: Please make sure you have your Boater Safety Cards. 

Old Business:  None

New Business: Al Vance was welcomed back into club.

Elections took place with results as follows:   Federation rep is Gerald Dunn,  Sponsor director will be Bob Graf,  Conservation is  Chris Ferry, Tournament Director is Aaron Christel, Treasurer is Wayne Bailey, Secretary is Shawn McDaniel, Vice President is Joe Scheperle, and President is Gerald Dunn.  Shawn will be putting together a Team for the WBA club fish off on Sammamish on October 16th.

Klutz Nominations: Mike Peters is up for a Klutz nomination for forgetting  to undue the tow straps on the borrowed phoenix and dinging up the prop pretty bad at the potholes federation tourney!