September 8, 2004 Meeting Minutes


The meeting was called to order at 7:10 pm and adjourned at 8:45 pm.  No one claimed the big fish pot.

Program Activity:  None

Tips, Tactics and Techniques:  Kenny G talked about deflating a fish's air bladder and fishing in winter using reapers.

Raffle: The raffle generated  $45.

Treasurerís Report: Mike Buse reported a balance of $1970.06.

The August minutes as posted on the Internet were approved.

Conservation Report:  Larry Guck reported that the ramp at Coulee Playland on Banks Lake is being paved.

Federation Report: Joe Scheperle will be attending the September Federation meeting in Ellensburg.

Tournament Report: Joe Scheperle reported on the Roosevelt  tournament results.  Complete tournament results can be found on the club Web Site.  The club has 10 sites reserved at Crow Butte.  The cookout will be Saturday night.  Marv is getting all of the supplies from COSTCO. 

Safety: Be careful on Crow Butte, the water can be dangerous when the wind blows.   

Old Business: B.W. Davis, Chris Ferry and Troy Graham were voted in as full members.

New Business: Tom Melowitz made a motion, which passed unanimously, that one of our 2005 club tournaments be a Team Tournament.  The specifics of the motion are: 

One of our 2005 club tournaments to be a Team Tournament with a 5 fish limit for each team.  The Tournament Director will determine which tournament will be the Team Tournament.

At the meeting prior to the Team Tournament or by contacting the tournament director prior to the meeting, each club member must declare themselves as a boater or not boater.  Late entries past the meeting are not allowed.  

 The process for determining a team:

  1. All boaters names in one hat
  2. All non boaters names in another hat
  3. Draw a boater  matched with a non boater: Draw 1 is first out, etc
  4. When boaters are exhausted continue drawing boaters for blast off position.  The remaining boaters may fish alone or team with another boater.  If they team up they can use the low draw number for the team.  Boaters not teaming with other boaters may fish with a guest but the guest must immediately release any fish caught. 

Scoring:  Each member of the winning team gets 50 points, 2nd place gets 49, etc  

If either member of a team drops out between the meeting and the tournament:  The remaining member if a  non boater is automatically teamed with the lowest draw number without a partner.  If the non boater drops out the remaining boater may fish alone, team up with another boater or bring a guest.

The new officers for 2005 are:

                         President - Doug Jorgensen
                         Treasurer - Mike Buse
                         Secretary - Gerald Dunn
                         Tournament Director -  Larry Williams

Klutz nominations: Frank White nominated himself for sticking himself while attempting to fizz a fish.

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