7/10-11/2010  Riffe Lake Photos 


Bob Graf with 2 Saturday Fish   Bryan Vance with 2 Saturday Fish

Chris Ferry - 1st Place and the Big Fish  

Travis Archer - 4th Place


Daniel Thomas with 2 Saturday Fish


Dez with his Day 1 Fish


Mike Driscol with a 2.75 # Smallie  

Hoss with his Day 1 Fish


Kenny G with 2 nice Saturday Fish   Kevin Higgins
Kevin Jorgensen with 2 Day1 Fish   Larry Williams
Mark Mrzena with 2 Saturday Fish   Who is this?
Ryan Gates with 2 good Day 1 Fish   Shawn McDaniel - 3rd Place
Ty Beutler with a Saturday Smallie   Chris with his Day 2 Bag
Aaron with 2 Fish from the 3rd
largest Sunday bag
  Bob with 2 good Sunday Fish
Abrin Jones with 2 Sunday Fish   Daniel with 2 Good Day 2 Fish
Gerald Dunn with 2 Sunday Fish   James Rizzo with a Sunday Smallie
Mike Hostetter - 2nd Place   Jaymee Strasbaugh with 2 Sunday Fish
Larry Willaims with his Day 2 Fish   Mark with his Sunday Fish
Shawn with his Sunday Fish   Travis with 2 good Day2 Fish