9/18-19  2010 Pot  Holes Photos

Jaymee - The winner and the
Big Fish 5.07 Pounds
  Tom -  2nd Place and a 4.78 Sunday
Stephanie with  4.43 and 4.32
Saturday Smallies
  Kenny G with 2 very nice Largemouths
from Saturday
Bryan with a Nice Smallie &
Largemouth from Saturday
  James ( I beat my brother) Higgins
with 2 nice Saturday Largemouths
Doug with a good Saturday Largemouth   Mark with 2 good Largemouths
Ryan with 2 Saturday Largemouths   Al Vance with 2 Sunday Fish
Daniel with a 3.93 Saturday Smallie   Frank ( WOW ) White!
Jerry Anderson with a nice Sunday Fish   Aaron with 2 Sunday Smallies
Dan Wheeler with 2 good Smallies   Russ with2 Saturday Smallies
Blair Peters with a Saturday Smallie   Brandon Beutler proudly displaying
his Sunday Smallie
Colton Buse with 2 unweighed Fish   Emanual with a Saturday Smallie
Luke with a 3.05 Largemouth   Tom Displaying the new Club Jersey
Stephanie with 2 of her Sunday Fish   Jaymee with 2 of his Sunday Fish
Mark with a 4.18 Sunday Fish   DFW at the Tournament
The Pot Holes Launch Clean Up Crew

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