Puyallup Hawg Hunters 2005 Photo Page

Hoss with a Texas Bass Sammamish Open 
Tom with a Texas Bass Lake Sammamish
Blaine Wesner with 2
Nice Samammish Fish
Bob Sweeney with 2
Nice Samammish Fish
Doug Jorgensen with 2 Samammish Fish Mike Hostetter with a
Sammamish Fish
Joe Scheperle with a
 Samammish Smalle
Art Soto with 2
Silver Lake Fish
Kenny G with 2 Nice
Sammamish Smallies
John Davis with a 
Samammish Smallie
Kenn Brainerd with a
5.75 from Silver Lake
Hoss with a 5.53 from
Silver Lake
John Davis with a 6.62 & 6.58 from Silver Silver Lake Winner
Rick Muir with a 5.35
from Silver Lake
Jaymee Strasbaugh with a nice Silver Fish Ken Ganancial with
2 Nice Silver Fish
Carl Dykstra with 2 Silver Lake Fish
Bryan Vance with 2 nice Silver Lake Fish Tom Melowitz with a 3.45 from Boyer Park Josh Dykstra with 2 Silver Lake Fish Boyer Park Winner
Frank White with a nice
Tri Cites Smallie
Jamie Wegmann with 2 nice Boyer Park Fish Gerald Dunn with 2 nice Boyer Park Fish Tri Cities Winner
Kalama Winner Jamie Wegmann with a
6 # smallie from Lake Washington
Tom Melowitz with 2 nice
Tri Cites Fish
Larry Williams with a
Largemouth from Kalama
Kenny G with 2 nice
Pot Holes Bass
B. W. Davis with 2 nice
Pot Holes Bass
Jamie Wegmann with a
nice Pot Holes Bass
Pot Holes Winner
Hoss with 2 Pot Holes Largemouths Jamie Strasbaugh with 2 Pot Holes Largemouth Bryan Vance with a nice
Lake Washington Fish
Kenn Brainerd with 2 Pot Holes Fish
Mickelsen Winner Josh Brannon with a 6.18
Big Fish at the Mickelsen
Tom with a 8.58 from the BassFishingWorld.com
Tourney on Lake Conroe
Lake Washington Winner
Kenny G with a Dec 11
Lake Washington Bass
Blaine Wesner with a
6.4 smallie from Tapps
Chris Ferry with a Dec 11
5 + Smallie
Doug Jorgensen
Angler of the Year
Doug Jorgensen with 1 of his 3 Winner Trophies Mike Hostetter with his
 Lake Washington Trophy
Chris Ferry with 1 of his 2 Winner Trophies  
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