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 President's Message
February 2012


To Everyone, 
Because of the conflict of schedule for the Potholes tournament in May, the tournament committe has decided to change the location of the tournament to Lake Sammamish.  We feel it is the best solution to the problem.  Because of the Roosevelt tournament in late April, the TBF qualifier on Washington the following weekend, and the divisional qualifier following close behind, the best weekend for this tournament will be the 19th and 20th of May.  Fishing should be very good, with no tournaments on that lake that month and fish in (hopefully) spawn mode.  Look for heavy bags and lots of limits! 
I know many guys wanted to go to Potholes, myself included, but we can not compete with 100 boat tournament on the same weekend.  This change should give everyone plenty of time to adjust plans.  At some point this summer, we should all try and get over there for a fun fishing weekend.  Maybe August?
For the Washington Open in March, just a reminder, look for raffle stuff!  Also, the 2012 state team will have a short meeting after the March club meeting to iron out details.  
I'm excited for this year.  We have a fun schedule and I feel like the group has really started to mesh.  
Thanks Everyone,