Puyallup Hawg Hunters
October 14, 2015 Meeting Minutes



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Puyallup Hawg Hunters

Meeting minuets Oct. 14th 2015

Meeting was called to order at 7:10 pm.

Tips and tactics; Eric Hills was supposed to provide tips and tactics but was not present.

September minutes were accepted as posted on the internet.

Treasurer’s report: Aaron reported that our current balance is $1,689.00 and that our bills are up to date. The current balance does not reflect the members dues that are currently coming in. Aaron reported that there was a mix up and some members dues were not submitted to the TBF earlier this year and a solution is being worked on.

Tournament report: Mickelsen open on Lake Washington had 21 boats in attendance. Jaymee Strasbaugh and Shawm McDaniel were the winners with 15.80 lbs. The raffle from that event including entry fees generated $720 for the Children’s Hospital.

Lake WA club tournament saw 20 boats. Top five from this event were: 5th place Luke Morgan, 4th place Tommy Deaton, 3rd place Tim Griswold, 2nd place Jaymee Strasbaugh and the winner with 10.00 lbs was Mike Hostetter.

Club fish off Lake WA: Puyallup was one of only two teams to field 5 boats. The club finished second with an overall average weight of 10.49 lbs. however it should be noted that Tim Griswold and Shawn McDaniel had the largest bag with 15lbs 6oz.

2016 Tournament schedule to be announced at the November meeting! 

Safety: Doug Jorgenses reminded members who are fishing in cold weather to wear their life jackets and warm clothing. Joe also advised members to use their kill switches and Jaymee reminded members to keep a set of dry clothing in their boats. Kenny Ganancial shared a story about falling out of his boat to reinforce what Doug and Joe said.

Federation Report: Joe Scheperle advised that the state is looking to cut the conservation fund and members should contact their State representative about the matter.

The 2016 qualifiers have been announced: Lake Chelan, Moses Lake and Tri Cities. Discussion followed about the possibility of changing the format for the qualifiers.

Charity Gates announced that she is the new tournament director for the federation and any concerns or comments about the possible new format can be emailed to her at charityann1976@yahoo.com

Club elections: Tom Melowitz made the motion that since all officers are running unopposed that they be elected. Kenney seconded the motion and it passed.

New Business: Tim Griswold met with a guy from “Fishing with Hero’s” a program that takes veterans fishing. He will to more research and get back to the club.

Luke Morgan discussed starting a web site with G2 who make our jerseys so that members can order directly from them and have the ability to customize their jerseys. The cost to setup the site is $100.

Meeting adjourned at 8:40 pm

Raffle: Raffle was held. After helping haus count the money.The raffle generated $50 for the club and $100 back into the raffle.