Puyallup Hawg Hunters
October 12, 2011 Meeting Minutes



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The meeting was called to order at 7:05 PM and adjourned at 9:00 PM.  No one claimed the big fish pot which is now up to $57.  There were no special guests.

Program Activity:  
Gerald Dunn indicated that last months elections were not held correctly.  Wayne Bailey was determined to be eligible to hold office.  Elections were re held for President, Treasurer and Tournament Director.  Aaron Christel is the new President, Wayne Bailey is the new Treasurer and Mike Coffey is the new Tournament Director. 

Tips,Tactics,and Techniques:  Ryan Gates discussed fishing techniques, lures, and locations for catching bass on Lake Sammamish this time of year.  Joe Scheperle is on for next month
Minutes:  The minutes from September were accepted as posted on web.
Treasurers Report: Wayne Bailey reported a balance of $1083.38.  Details attached as a PDF File.

Conservation Report:
   Russ Kroeker proposed getting kids involved to help preserve the sport.  We would take the kids fishing similar to the take a soldier fishing program.  A new Conservation Committee was formed.  It includes Russ Kroeker, Mike Coffey, Kevin Higgins and Ryan Gates.

Tournament Report:  32 bots attended the Michelsen.  Shawn and Jaymee won and were interviewed.  Shawn won the club tournament on Washington the following day.  Kenny G won at Crow Butte throwing tubes.

Fishing Reports:  No reports

Safety Report: Hardy  Buchannan lost his life in a boating accident.  The club was reminded to always wear your kill switch and to check you safety equipment including steering bolts. props and jack plates.

Federation Report:  Benefits of being a TBF member flyer being put on hold until year.  Aaron discussed what happened at the September Federation meeting.  All Star boats is coming on as a new sponsor.  Russ Baker has been nominated as the Federation President. 

New Business: Club dues are now payable.  Bob Graf made a proposed constitution change.  It's attached in the PDF file.  Kevin Higgins will help Hoss with the Banquet and take over when Hoss retires from the club.  Clark Korper was voted in as a new member.

Old Business: Deliquent reports from last year are holding up our 2012 tournament permits.  Aaron is responsible for fixing this issue.

Raffle:  No raffle

Klutz Nominations:  No nominations