October 14, 2009 Meeting Minutes


The meeting started at 7:10 pm and adjourned at 8:50 pm.  Bryan from Density Tackle came in and donated items for the raffle and the Mickelson.  No one claimed the big fish pot.

Program Activity:  There was no Program Activity.

Tips, Tactics and Techniques: Chris Ferry talked about deep water football head techniques from fishing rods, jigs to trailers. He talked about proper rod position for a better hook set.  Ryan Gates and Mike Buse are on for November.

Raffle: The raffle generated $71. 

Treasurer’s Report:  
No Report.

The September minutes as posted on the Internet were approved.

Conservation Report:  No report

Federation Report: Gerald talked about the new FLW/TBF annual dues arrangement. Gerald will present the new annual dues amount at the November meeting which are due to the Federation no later that December 31st. The Washington TBF Banquet is Saturday November 7th in Spokane. The club took 1st place and Chris Ferry is the 2009 Washington State Federation Angler of the Year.

Tournament Report: Hoss went over the Potholes finishers and Ryan Gates talked about how he won the tournament. Hoss also went over the Mickelson and club tournament schedule. We talked about moving the Mickelson forward one week to keep from losing anglers to hunting season.

Fishing Report:  Tom M about how he and Dana took second place at the Triton Owners Tournament on Clear Lake in California.

Safety:  No Report

Old Business: No Old Business

Banquet:  No Report

Klutz nominations: Tom M. nominated Aaron Christel for letting his boat drift away at Sundays Potholes weigh in and for diving into the water to rescue his sinking $200 fishing pole and came up missing his $350 prescription polarized sunglasses.   Tim Griswold nominated Kevin Jorgensen for calling for the net when it ended up being a 5 pound rock. 

New Business:
   Wayne Bailey made a motion to change the constitution to raise the annual dues from $56 to $95.  The motion can be voted upon at the November meeting.  Tom Melowitz made a motion, which was approved by the club, to get new trophies from www.race-rewards.com .  This should save the club around $300 a year for trophies.  Tom also mentioned that Geocities, where the club website is hosted, will be discontinued on 10/26.  We are moving to Yahoo Web Hosting.  If there are problems he will get them fixed. 
2010 Officers were elected:                    
Gerald Dunn – President
Bob Graff – Vice President
Secretary – Shawn McDaniel
Treasurer – Wayne Bailey
Tournament Director – Hoss and Michael Coffey