October 8, 2008 Meeting Minutes


The meeting was called to order at 7:10 pm and adjourned at 9:00pm.  No one claimed the Big Fish pot.  There were no special guests. 

Program Activity:  There was no program activity.

Tips, Tactics and Techniques:  
Stephanie Strasbaugh showed a video on Quagga and Zebra Mussels.   Aaron Christel talked about how bass interpret color.  Both were excellent!   Mike Buse is on for November. 

President's Message: Gerald talked about people walking out of the meeting last month before the meeting was finished.

Raffle: We ran out of tickets, but still made $23.  

Treasurerís Report:  Stephanie Strasbaugh reported a balance $2606.34 with no bills outstanding.  She indicated she was having difficulty getting trophies from our normal supplier.  Several people volunteered to contact local trophy companies to see if they could provide trophies for the Mickelsen.  The volunteers were to get back to Stephanie. 

The September minutes as posted on the Internet were approved.

Conservation Report:  Marv Walker was absent.  Gerald indicated that he would give Marv a call.

Banquet Report:  Hoss is working on the Banquet for late January

Federation Report:
Larry Williams went over the Federation meeting.
Tournament Report: Larry Williams went over the Silver Lake results Jamie talked about how he won the tournament.  Larry went over the proposed 2009 club tournament schedule.  Larry talked about some members not paying launch fees at the Silver tournament.  Tom Melowitz made a motion that ultimately became a motion to amend the constitution at the constitution at the next meeting.  The proposed constitution changes: 
        Article V Section I Removal of Membership
        5.  Failure for a second time to pay launch, camping or other agreed upon fees
            at a event where special arrangements were made for the entire club.    

 Tournament Rules
        10. Failure to pay agreed upon fees ( launch, camping, etc. ) at a tournament where
             special arrangements are made for the entire club will result in tournament
             disqualification for that event.  Additionally a fine to be levied to the offending
             member or members equal to the omitted fees.  The fine amount to be added to
             the annual dues should the fine not be paid when annual dues are payable.

Volunteers for the Mickelsen Tournament are:  Morning - Hoss, Mike Peters, Kenny G, Aaron, Gerald, Stephanie, Paula, Frank.  Afternoon - Larry W, Daniel, Luke, Mark M, Stephanie, Paula.                                  

Fishing Report: Larry Williams talked about fishing Pot Holes.  Mike Buse and Chris Ferry talked about fishing Lake Washington. 

Safety: No report

Old Business: 
Club dues are payable by the October club meeting.  If dues have not been paid by the November club meeting a $10 fine will be added to a members dues.
  New Officers for 2009 were elected.

New Business:  Mark Mrzena was voted in as anew member.  The club talked about finding a new Trophy supplier. 

Klutz nominations: