October 10, 2007 Meeting Minutes


The meeting began at 7:04 PM and adjourned at 8:56 PM.  No  one claimed the big fish pot.

Program Activity:   No Program  

Tips, Tactics and Techniques:   Bryan Vance talked about techniques and tackle he likes to use for Shaky Head fishing.  Jaymee  Strasbaugh talked about how to secure glass rattles to tube jigs and how to properly weight a suspending bait.   Shawn McDaniels and Chuck Warner are on for November.

Raffle:  The raffle generated $56.

Treasurer’s Report: 
Stephanie Strasbaugh reported a balance of $1049.88 with no outstanding debts.

Minutes:  The minutes from the previous month were as accepted asposted on the Internet.

Banquet Report:    No Report

Conservation Report: Nothing to report.

 No Report

Federation Report: 
Larry Williams talked about how the format will be the same as 2006 and went over the schedule for 2008 log onto wabass.org.  Larry Williams has been nominated for Federation Vice President.

Tournament Report:  Tom went over the Pot Holes results and Kenny G. talked about the techniques he used to win the Pot Holes tournament.   Tom Melowitz talked about their trip to Clear Lake California for the Triton owner’s tournament and how Chris Ferry and Bryan Vance finished in 2nd place.   Chris talked about the techniques they used and there experience. Larry Williams went over the 2008 proposed tournament schedule and had the club pick an alternative for Moses Lake.   Riffe Lake was chosen for the alternative if we loose the coin toss for Moses Lake.   Larry also presented the club with the NW Bass schedule.  For more information log onto www.nwbass.net

Fishing Report: 
Frank White talked about fishing the Scholarship Tournament.

Old Business:  Joe Scheperle has placed the coat order.  Those of you who ordered hooded sweat shirts need to pay Joe ASAP!   Club $56 dues are now due.

New Business:   2008 Club Officers are: President:  Gerald Dunn, Vice President: Bob Graff, Secretary:  Jaymee Strasbaugh,  Treasurer:  Stephanie Strasbaugh, Tournament Director:  Larry Williams.  The club reviewed the volunteers for the Mickelsen Tournament.

Klutz nominations:   Aaron Christel was nominated for the run away boat down the driveway backwards with no truck attached incident.  See attached pictures.  Jaymee Strasbaugh nominated Doug Jorgensen for trying to run his boat in 2 inches of water at the Pot Holes.