October 11, 2006 Meeting Minutes


The meeting was called to order at 7:00 pm and adjourned at 8:15 pm.  No one claimed the Big Fish pot.  There were no special guests.  The meeting was run by the Tournament Director in the Presidents' absence. 

Program Activity:  There was no program activity.

Tips, Tactics and Techniques:  
Carl Dykstra talked about winterizing your equipment.  Rob Towers is on for November. 

Raffle: There was no raffle due to Frank Whites' absence.  

Treasurerís Report:  Stephanie Strasbaugh reported a balance $2046.15 with the trophies for the Mickelsen Tournament still outstanding.

The September minutes as posted on the Internet were approved.

Conservation Report:  Marv Walker talked about Mike Meseburg from Mar-Don (Pot Holes) and building more net pens. He also  mentioned that B.A.S.S. was going to help with financing some of the net pens.

Banquet Report:  Mack Randle talked about possible locations for the Banquet and solicited information about a bar and possible menu items.  He will report back at the November club meeting with the location, date and times and menu selections for the Banquet.

Federation Report:
Chuck Warner talked about the Federation meeting and the format proposal. 

1. The Qualifier Series will consist of three, (3) one day events (to be held on Saturday's).   The club voted against the one day format and would like to stay with a 2 day format. 

2. Sunday would be for Junior Qualifier events.   See response to items #1.

3. These events would feature a boater/non-boater format.   The club voted in favor of this format.   

 4. All qualifier tournaments would still be held as draw events with anglers being paired randomly.  The club voted in favor of this format.

5. State teams spots would be as follows:  a. The first eight (8) positions would be for the anglers (boaters).   b. The remaining four (4) positions and first alternate would be from the co-angler's (non-boater).   The club voted against this format and wanted the 12 highest finishing anglers to represent the state.

6. In review, angler's would only be competing against other angler's and co-angler's would be competing against other co-angler's for the State Team positions.  The club voted in favor of this format if # 5 was approved.                                

7. At the end of the season, there will also be an open two (2) man team event.  In order to fish this event, anglers would have to fish all three (3) qualifiers.     The club did not vote on this.                                       

8. This event could be a team, two (2) day "money with a 90% cash pay back, as well as a "larger prize" to be given away. This award given out could be a random drawing of a boat number at the awards ceremony after the event is over.  The club voted in favor of this idea.

 Larry Williams will present our choices (votes) to the Federation in November.   
Tournament Report: Tom Melowitz talked about the Sammamish tournament results.  The winner, Kenny G talked about how he caught fish at the tournament.  The Lake Washington club tournament hours are posted on the Internet. 

The Mickelsen tournament is Saturday the 21st.  Details are on the WEB.  Larry Williams will be the Weigh Master and handle the awards.  Tom Melowitz and Larry Williams will be there early to handle entry forms.  Mack Randle and Jaymee Strasbaugh will handle live well inspections.  Stephanie Strasbaugh and Wes Williams will handle sponsors and set up.  Tom Melowitz will be the photographer.  Frank White will handle the raffle. 

                  If you are not fishing the Mickelsen show up and help represent the club.

Fishing Report: Mack Randle talked about the Scholarship and how Wes Williams caught (2) two pound small mouth on one top water bait at the same time.

Safety: No report

Old Business: 
Club dues are payable by the October club meeting.  If dues have not been paid by the November club meeting a $10 fine will be added to a members dues.

New Business:  Mike Danielson and James Herring were voted in as new members. 

Mack Randle will be investigating starting up a club youth chapter.  This item should be placed on the November agenda. 

After the meeting the tournament committee selected the lakes listed below for 2007.  Larry Williams will be sending in the permit applications. 

                                      - March or April:  (Open and club): Lake Sammamish
                                      - May:  primary Silver Lake alternate Moses Lake
                                      - June:  primary Moses Lake alternate Alder Lake
                                      - July:  primary Lower Columbia alternate Riffe Lake
                                      - August:  primary Banks Lake alternate Crow Butte
                                      - September:  Pot Holes Reservoir
                                      - October Open and club:  Lake Washington  

Klutz nominations: Mike Danielson was nominated for the Klutz award from his dog locking him out of his truck while he was launching his boat at the Sammamish tournament.