Volume 88 Issue 1 Club Website: HTTP://www.puyalluphawghunters.com     October 2005

Puyallup Hawg Hunters

Chris Ferry
2005 Most Improved

John Davis
Leading Big Fish of the Year

  2005 Most Improved Race

With one tournament remaining for 2005 Chris Ferry has clinched the Most Improved award for 2005.  Chris Finished 18th last year and is currently in 4th place in the club standings.  Congratulations Chris!
                Big Fish
John Davis is leading the Big Fish of the Year award with a 6.52 largemouth caught at Silver Lake.  While it is possible that a bigger fish will be caught at the last tournament of the year on Lake Washington it is not too probable.  John will probably be the 2005 winner. 

     Angler of the Year
Doug Jorgensen is leading the Angler of the Year race with one tournament remaining.  Only Kenny G or Chris Ferry can amass more points than Doug.  If  Doug finishes 4th or higher he will be the winner.  Kenny G needs to finish 6th or higher and Chris Ferry needs to finish 3rd or higher at Lake Washington to pass Doug as he stands before lake Washington.

        2006 Club Officers

Elections were held at the September club meeting.  The new officers for 2006 are: 

President - Gerald Dunn
Treasurer - Mike Buse
Secretary - Jaymee Strasbaugh
Tournament Director - Tom Melowitz

    2005 Federation Format

While the voting won't take place until the November Federation meeting  three proposals are on the table to take next year's Qualifiers back to three 2 day tournaments. If approved the entry fees for each of the Qualifier Tournament will probably be $100 per individual per tournament.  The Federation has put in the paperwork to acquire tournament permits for May  6/7 for Lake Washington, June 24/25 for Roosevelt and August 26/27 for Tri Cities. 

   2006 Preliminary Schedule

The preliminary schedule for 2006 is:  Lake Sammamish - April 2, Silver Lake - May 20/21, Duck Lake - June 17/18, Pot Holes - July 15/16, Banks Lake - August 12/13, Tri Cities - Sept 30/ Oct 1, Washington - Oct 23. The Sammamish and Mickelsen Opens are the day before the Sammamish and Washington club tournaments.  Tom Melowitz formed an ad hoc committee with several club members and talked to virtually all of the club members at Pot Holes about the lakes and dates.  Larry Williams has volunteered to submit the tournament permits.  He will be talking to NW Bass and ABA and making any schedule changes to avoid conflicts with their scheduled dates.

 Tournament Winners

Congratulation to Chris Ferry for winning the Lower Columbia tournament and  Doug Jorgensen for first place at Pot Holes.

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