October 12, 2005 Meeting Minutes

The meeting began at 7:11 PM and adjourned at 9:03 PM.   No one claimed the Big Fish Pot.  There were no special guests, but Cameron Dunn attended.  Aqua Scent will do the program activity in November.

Tips, Tactics, and Techniques:  Jaymee Strasbaugh talked about winterizing your boat and how to prevent spring time headaches. Paul Jones is on for November.

Program Activity:   None

Raffle:  The raffle generated $56.  We need more raffle items!

Treasurerís Report: Mike Buse reported a balance of
$1736.08  with no outstanding bills and the bill for the Mickelsen trophies paid. 

Minutes:  The September minutes as posted on the Internet were accepted.

Banquet Report:    Frank White is working on it.  BBQ Pete's has closed.  Frank will find a new location and report back to the club in November on the new location and with food menu's.

Conservation Report: No report.

Conservation Report: Larry Guck was absent. Doug Jorgensen mentioned that the Kapowson boat launch was going to be started this winter.

Federation Report:  Jamie Wegmann talked about the 2006 format and the options that are available. You can find the options on the Federation Web Site.  He also mentioned that they were going to be increasing there rates from $50 to $100.   Chuck Warner will be taking the federation report over for Jamie . Tom M. made a motion for Chuck W. to present to the Federation on going back to the old format.  A majority voted in favor of Tom's motion, but voted for option 2 if proposal gets turned down.    

Tournament Report:  Tom M. reported that Doug Jorgensen won the Pot Holes tournament. We will be launching at Gene Coulon (Sunday club tournament) on Lake Washington.  The drivers meeting will be held at 6:30 am and tournament hours will be from 7:00 am to 3:00 pm. Tom also presented the club with the proposed 2006 tournament schedule.

Sammamish Open 4/1/06 
Club Sammamish 4/2/06
Silver Lake 5/20-21/06
Duck Lake 6/17-18/06
Potholes 7/15-16/06
Banks 8/12-13/06
Tri Cities 9/30-10/1/06
Mickelson Memorial 10/21/06
Club Lake Washington 10/22/06

Fishing Reports:  None

Mary Bridge Donations:   Members should be soliciting donations.  Stephanie is in charge of donations.

Mickelsen Volunteers:  Doug J. will be the weigh master.  Joe S., Kenny G. and Frank W. will be checking live wells.  Larry W. will record the weights and supply the scale.  Stephanie S. will hang the banners.   Paul Jones will supply the tables.  Tom M. will take photos and present the awards.  Tom M and Larry W will be there early for registration.

Safety: Larry Williams talked about hypothermia.

Old Business:  Mike Buse expressed the importance of paying your dues on time.  If you have not already paid your dues, you are late!

New Business:  Tom M. made a motion for the club to reserve $800 from the 2006 budget to buy new scales.  Paul Jones to seconded the motion with majority vote in favor of Tom's motion.

Klutz Nominations:  None

Chris Ferry put together a Puyallup Hawg Hunters team to win the Bass Bowl by 23 pounds. Good job Hawg Hunters!

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