Puyallup Hawg Hunters
November 11, 2015 Meeting Minutes



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Puyallup Hawg Hunters

Meeting Minutes for November 11th 2015

Meeting was called to order at 7:21 pm

Treasurer’s report: Aaron was unable to make the meeting however he emailed me the treasurer’s report as follows. 

As of the last meeting, our balance was $2550.80.  I have since paid the past due invoices totaling $520.00 and 14 2016 member dues totaling $910.00.  Our new balance not including any of last nights activity is $1120.80 plus $880.64 in our savings for a grand total of 2001.44.

The meeting minuets were accepted and posted on the internet.   

Tips and Tactics: Eric Hills discussed the new and improved Facebook page for the club. It is actually a Facebook group “The Puyallup Hawg Hunters” so make sure when searching for the page to look in groups because we have an old page that is still there but not being used. The group is private so only those who are friends in the group can see the info posted. This will be a good way to share info and find fishing partners. Eric chose Ty Watterson to provide tips/tactics for the January meeting.

Conservation report: nothing to report

Tournament report: Jaymee was not present. Many members were in an uproar as they wanted the 2016 tournament schedule as promised. Order was restored and everyone was advised that the 2016 tournament schedule should be posted on the web site soon.

Safety: Doug made members aware of several recent bass boat fatalities many of which occurred as boaters were exiting narrow cove type areas colliding with other boats. A reminder was given to keep your head on a swivel while boating, especially during the cold weather months when boaters bundle up and have limited view due to clothing.  Joe shared a story about a boat collision he narrowly escaped from during a club tournament. The occupants of the other boat were thrown in the water due to evasive maneuvers and had to be rescued by Joe and the rookie that was fishing with him. After this event the rookie was never heard from again. Joe shared the story to reiterate the safety tip Doug was making. STAY SAFE STAY ALIVE!

Federation Report: Joe (with Doug’s help) reminded members that the Federation banquet is this weekend November 14th at Campbell’s Resort at Lake Chelan. The banquet is mandatory for club members who made the team.

New Business: Tim Griswold made note that it was Veterans Day and thanked the vets and first responders for their service. His thanks were well received. He also advised that he is continuing to work with the gentleman from “Fishing with Heroes” to see how we as a club could be involved with his organization.

Club Banquet will be Jan 16th at the Ram restaurant in South Hill. Mark is waiting on the final reservation conformation but it is expected to begin at 6:00 PM.

Brandon Kyler and Anthony Douglas were voted in as full members. Brandon became the first known member to give an acceptance speech.

Joe Thomas professional angler and fishing show host will be at Xfinity 176th and Canyon road from 1-4 pm.

Meeting adjourned: 8:33 PM

Raffle: The raffle was held which generated $47 for the club and $100 back into the raffle fund.