November 10, 2010 Meeting Minutes


The meeting was called to order at 7:10 pm and adjourned at 8:20 pm.  No one claimed the big fish pot.  Special guests were new members: Adam Hokenson (Wayne Bailey buddy) Stan Duncan (Shawn McDaniel buddy).

Program Activity:  Larry Williams talked about the new ABA format. There will be payback changes to the 2011 season. The new entry will be $180.00 and total entry with all options is $300 per day.

Tips, Tactics and Techniques: Mark Mrzena talked about pouring your own soft plastic baits. He uses Plaster of Paris for cheaper begining molds and an old microwave to melt down the plastic.  He talked about mixing plastic in glass Pyrex measuring cup and saving old baits you have used to re-melt down for use.  If anyone would like more info contact Mark.  Chris Ferry is on for next month.

Banquet Report:  The annual Banquet is the 3rd weekend in January at Milton Tavern.  Pizza and salad is on order.

Raffle: The raffle generated $28. 

Treasurerís Report:  Wayne Bailey reported a balance of $1260.38.

The October minutes as posted on the Internet were approved.

Conservation Report:  No Report

Federation Report: No Report

Tournament Report: 
 Aaron Christel is going to make a checklist for money tournaments.

Fishing Report: 
Lake Tapps will  only be drawn down three to five feet this winter.

Safety: No Report

Old Business: 
The trophies for 2010 and the 2011 Opens have been ordered and are at Ken Ganancials.  The trophies were $350 and the supplier has been paid.   The Annual Banquet is the 3rd weekend in January at the Milton Tavern.   The venue is pizza and salad.

New Business:  The club is planning a club jig pour in late February or early March.

Klutz nominations: