6/26-27/2010  Moses Lake Photos 


Bryan Vance - 1st Place and a Great
22.60 Bag on Saturday
  Kenny G - 2nd Place and with a
5.13 on Sunday

Frank White - 3rd Place and the Big Fish
5.44 Pounds from Saturday

Frank with 2 Nice Sunday Fish


Aaron Christel with a 4.59 Smallie  

Aaron with 2 Saturday Smallies


Jaymee Strasbaugh with 2 good
Saturday Fish

Jaymee with 2 Sunday Fish


Blare Peters with a Good Day 1 Fish   Dad with 2 Nice Saturday Fish
Kevin Higgins with a nice 4.12
Saturday Largemouth
  Luke Morgan with a Nice 4.83
Saturday Largemouth
Mark Mrzena with 2 Good Fish from
His 14.49 Saturday Bag
  Shawn McDaniel with a 3.96
Sunday Largemouth
Tom Melowitz with 2 Saturday Fish   Tom indicating the size of the Fish that
Mike Buse Missed
Mike Hostetter with another Great Job
at the weigh in with the back up Scales
and a car battery
  Dave Hostetter with a Good 2.44
Sunday Smallie