Puyallup Hawg Hunters
September 8, 2021 Meeting Minutes


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Special Guests:  
New club prospects Bryan Justice and Doug Robbins attended the meeting.    

Tips & Tactics:   Rich Craft talked about red channel markers for the upcoming tournament on Tri-Cities. Always remember Red,Right,Return.

Meeting minuets: The August minutes were accepted as posted on the web site.

Treasurers Report: Mark Jones started taking over treasurer duties from Joe Scheperle.  Club balance was $3,730.66. Club owes Doug Jorgensen $45 and Mark Mrzena $92.

Conservation Report: No Conservation Report.

Safety:  Doug stressed the potential boat traffic on Tri-Cities along with bad weather. Do your boat maintenance before hand: check motor and jackplate bolts. Make sure they are tight. Then a small discussion about the New Mercury issue with the trim actuator bolt backing out. Double check those bolts for tightness.

Big Fish of the Year:  Doug reported the the pot is sitting at $580 with a 6.10 leading.

Tournament report: Rich read off the results of the Potholes tournament.  Jaymee talked about his winning ways. He hit his key locations in Crab creek before the Mullet Racers showed up.  In crab he fished shallow with a smaller bait presentation.   In the afternoon, he fished ledges. Early morning he ran the dunes targeting wood stick-ups.  Rich also talked about the upcoming tournament on Tri-cities. Discussed how to run the river, watch out for rock shallow areas, and where to avoid with bad winds.

Federation: Registration for the semi-final closes on 16 September. Club discussed about offering up some money to help pay back registration fees for the members fishing the semi-finals. Pay backs would happen after the event once they showed proof of competing.

New Business: Doug announced a new constitutional amendment for the Tournament Weighing section. “You may not cull a dead fish. Any fish that is placed in your livewell and dies must be kept as part of your limit.”
Russ Baker discussed that Wild West Bass tournament trail is coming to WA state. This will be a single day team format.

Old Business: Club officer elections took place. Mark Mrzena - President, Doug Jorgensen - Vice-president, Rich Craft - Secretary, Mark Jones - Treasurer. Mark Mrzena appointed Nick Culver as Tournament director and Eric Hills is takin over Raffle chairman.

Meeting Adjourned: 8:32 PM

Raffle: No raffle.