Puyallup Hawg Hunters
September 13, 2017 Meeting Minutes


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Meeting minutes 9/13/17


Meeting called to order: 7:01 PM

 Treasurer’s report:  we currently have no outstanding bills and a total of $755.17

 Meeting min: The min. were accepted as posted on the web

 Tips & Tactics: Ryan was a no show. Rich Craft was chosen for next month.

 Conservation: Luke was not in attendance. Mark was in on the phone conference with the state about the lifting of limits on bass, walleye and catfish on all rivers and streams in WA. It appears that although everyone involved was opposed the state is going forward anyways.

 Tournament report:  Rich Craft won the Willamette River tournament. Rich did not say how he caught his fish only that he ran 35 miles each day to a rock pile that had current on it. The 2018 schedule is now posted on the website.

Sponsor director: Anthony is busy getting sponsor donations for the Mickelson open. He is asking anyone with a personal sponsor to ask if they would be interested in donating.

Old business: nothing new

New business: nominations for next years club officers were as follows.

            President; Mark Mrzena

            Vice President; Doug Jorgensen

            Secretary; Keith O’Rourke

            Treasurer; Joe Scheperle


Keith made a proposed change to the rookie of the year requirements to be voted on at the next meeting, which reads as following:

Rookie of the Year -  Awarded to the member earning the most points in club tournaments having never fished 5 club tournaments in a prior calendar year.  Highest 5 tournament results count (angler must fish 5 tournaments and never have fished 5 tournaments in a prior 2 calendar year to be eligible and has 3 years of eligibility which begins the day they become a club member beginning with the 2018 season).

 Meeting adjourned: 7:50 PM