Puyallup Hawg Hunters
October 11, 2017 Meeting Minutes


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Meeting min. 10/11/17


Called to order: 7:04 PM

Special Guest: Tyler who works at Sportsman Warehouse came to check the club out. Welcome Tyler.

Treasurer’s Report: current total balance $1273. We recently switched our account over to BECU and will now save about $200 annually in misc. fees.

Special Guest: we had our regional warm water biologist Bruce Boldin and Kenny Behen in attendance to discuss the newly proposed fishing “rule simplification.  The goal was to educate our members on the proposed rule changes that have been proposed and discuss them as well as provide information and encourage our members to be involved in the process. Handouts were provided with information on how to view and submit comments on the new rule changes. Please address this issue with your comments.

A majority of our meeting was spent discussing this issue. Attached is the handout.

Tips and Tactics: Rich Craft showed us how you can not only use Google Earth to essentially prefish unfamiliar waters but also how to add waypoints to Google Earth and then transfer those waypoints to your graphs.  If you missed this or have any questions contact Rich he will be glad to help.

Tournament Report: Rich gave the tournament report which is already on the website at the time of this posting. See the website for results, or not your choice.

New Business: Eddie Kidd and Troy Kelly were voted in as full members.

Club officers were voted on for 2018


President: Mark Mrzena

Vice President: Doug Jorgensen

Treasurer: Joe Scheperle

Secretary: Keith O’Rourke

The by-law change proposed during last month’s meeting by Keith giving new members only 3 years of eligibility to achieve rookie of the year starting in the 2018 season was voted on and passed.

Meeting Adjourned:  9:17 PM