Puyallup Hawg Hunters
November 13,  2018 Meeting Minutes


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Puyallup Hawg Hunters

Meeting Min. 11-13-18

Called to order: 7:13 PM

Tips & Tactics: Brian Sherrill provided tips about netting fish for someone. Brian recommended rubberized nets as lures will not hang up as much in them. Brian also expressed  importance of not stabbing at the fish with the net. He recommended waiting  until the fish is ready to come in and placing the net in the water and allowing the angler to bring the fish into the net. Brian picked Josh Lucas for tips and   tactics at the next meeting in Jan.

Meeting Min.: The October minutes were accepted as posted online.

Treasurers report: total balance of 5,385.18 with some bills yet to be paid.

Tournament Report: The Sept. Hood river will be changed to Roosevelt due to possible wind  concerns that time of year. Greg Milatz won the annual big fish which  awarded him $400 with a 6.11 LB largemouth. Congrats Greg!

Federation: The annual banquet was held. Travis Archer and Nik Alther were in attendance.

New Business: Grayson, Jim and Josh were voted in as full club members. Annual banquet will  be held February 2nd at 7PM at Mama Stortiniís

Meeting Adjourned: 7:46 PM

Raffle: The raffle was held and made $108 that all went back into the raffle