Puyallup Hawg Hunters
November 8, 2017 Meeting Minutes


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 Puyallup Hawg Hunters

Meeting minutes 11/8/17

Meeting called to order: 7:05PM

 Special Guest: Josh Lucas and Michael King attended the meeting expressing interest in the club.

 Tips & Tactics:  Doug discussed the finer points of jerk bait fishing. Some of the highlights were their effectiveness in the spring and using a good pliable rod and a reel with a good smooth drag. Also matching the hatch and making sure you’re jerking on slack line to impart the correct action. Doug chose Brian Vance for January‘s meeting. 

 Meeting Min.: The meeting min. from Oct. were accepted as posted on the web site.

 Treasurers Report: last month we had a total of $1273 we received $700 in dues payed in Oct. and $32 from the raffle. We received $1400 in dues at the meeting and $190 in tournament fees from the last tournament as well as $22 from the raffle.

 Conservation report: The cut of period for comment on the new rule changes is Nov. 30th don’t miss out. There is also a meeting in Olympia on Dec. 8-9 for anyone who can attend.

 Tournament Report: Rich went over the Mickelsen results which are posted on the website so if you’re reading this you’re already on the website have a look.

 Safety: Doug had nothing however it’s cold out there so be careful on the water and be prepared for mishaps with things like dry clothing and use your lifejackets.

Federation report: nothing new, the federation banquet will be this weekend and Travis Archer will be in attendance for the club.

 New Business: Doug proposed and amendment to our tournament rules as posted in the club constitution.  Proposed rule change to tournament general rule 1. Non club members must fish with a club member during club tournaments.

 Rob Taylor was voted in as a full member.

 The annual Banquet will be on Jan. 27th from 5-10 PM. It will be held at Mama Stortini’s again which is located at 3207 E Main St in Puyallup. The cost will be $28 per person. Final head count and payment must be made to Jaymee by the Jan. meeting.

 Old business: None

Meeting adjourned: 8:35PM

 The raffle was held which generated $22 back to the club and $60 back to the raffle.