Puyallup Hawg Hunters
May 8th 2019 Meeting Minutes



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Puyallup Hawg Hunters

Meeting min. 5/8/19

Called to order: 7:12 PM      

Meeting min.: The meeting min. were accepted as posted on the website

Tips & Tactics: Nik discussed the use of the NED rig. Nik likes to throw lighter rigs that will glide       on the fall. He uses a 7 medium action rod with 8lb braid and 7lb fluorocarbon leader. Nik chose Joe for next month.

Treasurers report: After bills we have a total of $5,190.38

Safety: With Riffe Lake coming up we are reminded wo be watchful for floating timber and always wear your lifejacket and kill switch.  

 New business: The club is in need of a federation rep.

 Old Business: Nothing

 Meeting adjourned: 8:07 PM

 Raffle was held. $42 went to the club and $100 back to the raffle.