Puyallup Hawg Hunters
May 11, 2016  Meeting Minutes



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Meeting called to order: 7:10 PM

Both Mark and Doug were absent therefore the meeting was conducted by the best ever club secretary Keith O’Rourke. (Personal opinion)

Special Guest: Cody Phillips and Zachary Rine both attended the meeting expressing interest in joining the club.

              Meeting minuets from the April meeting were accepted as posted on the website.

Treasurer’s report: Aaron reported that we currently have $886.66 in savings and $345.68 in checking totaling $1,232.34.

Tournament Report: Long lake review. Davis Edmonson talked about his Sunday catch. David said he was fishing near the dam and used three lures. #1 a Megabass 110 jerkbait in a perch color. #2 a Megabass 2.0 squarebill crankbait and #3 a Strike King rattletrap in red craw. Dave said he was sitting in about 14 ft. of water casting into 8-12 ft.

Discussion about the upcoming Riffe Lake tournament followed with concerns about the wood stacked up at the boat launches. And a reminder of the times for the drivers meeting and blast off.

Conservation report: nothing to report.

Federation report: nothing to report.

            Tips & Tactics:  Joe discussed battery maintenance and the importance of using a good onboard battery charger in
             your boat  and not a cheap off the shelf type charger.
Checking water levels in your batteries. He also discussed the
              various types of batteries on the market today and their pro’s and con’s.


New Business: Tom proposed in writing a tournament rule change, which was seconded, ( listed below) adding a tournament to the schedule to provide for a fish off to send the top boater and non-boater to the Washington/Oregon TBF national semi-final. Discussion followed.

Anthony discussed the possibility of making a budget plan and the possibility of making a club Ebay account where members can donate old items to be sold to raise more money for the club.  

Old Business:  nothing to discuss.

Safety: Keith reported a recent break in to his truck at Clear Lake (Pierce Co.) while out fishing and the importance of not leaving any valuables in your vehicles.

Meeting Adjourned: 8:34PM

Raffle: The raffle generated $46 back to the club and $130 back to the raffle which was given to Matt Milatz to make the purchases.


Proposed Tournament Amendment


Proposed Tournament Rule Changes

Starting in 2017 (2016 if possible ) add a new tournament the Puyallup TBF National Semi Final Representative Tournament –

Puyallup TBF National Semi Final Representative Tournament – the tournament to determine the club representatives for the TBS National Semi Final.  The top finishing boater and non boater at this tournament  will represent the club  for the annual Washington / Oregon TBF National Semi Final.  The club will pay the entry fees ( $200 Each )  and $200 each for gas/food/lodging.  The tournament will be no later than 2 weeks prior to the Washington / Oregon TBF National Semi Final or earlier if necessary to meet entry requirements.

The top 20 anglers in the club standings after the last club tournament prior to this tournament are eligible to fish.  10 will be boaters and 10 will be non boaters.  Anglers unable to fish either this tournament or the TBF National Semi Final will be replaced by the next highest finishing angler in the club standings.  The angler with the highest club standing will have the choice to a boater or non boater.  The second highest finishing angler will have the choice to be next highest boater or non boater, and so on until 10 anglers have been selected.  The remaining anglers will be boaters.  The boaters and non boater will be paired.  There will be 10 boats participating.  Boater 1 will be paired with non boater 1 and so on.

The highest  boater will become the Tournament Director for this tournament.

This will be a 2 day tournament unless all 20 participants agree to make it a 1 day tournament,

No points for Angler of the Year will be awarded for this tournament.

The tournament committee will pick the body of water for this tournament the year prior to the tournament.  Once the 20 participants are selected they may change the body of water should permits and time allow and all 20 anglers agree to do so.