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March 8, 2017 Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes March 2017


Mark called the meeting to order at 7:04 PM. Keith O’Rourke and Aaron Cristal were absent.

Several new members attended their first meeting. Ian Skovajsa, Cory Vietzke, Troy Kelly and Zach Phillips. Eddie Kidd also paid his dues.

We also had several previous members return to the club and pay dues. Al Vance, Brian Vance, Dave Stroessner Sr and Dave Stroessner Jr are all paid members now.

Former club member Franco Stone was in attendance.

Special Guest was Craig from All Terrain Tackle. Craig talked and displayed jigs from All Terrain Tackle. Especially impressive was the design of the jig heads. Craig also displayed the VT-2 livewell vents. The vents allow ventilation on the air in the livewell to allow built up gases to escape and better aerate the water.

Tips and Tactics was Eric Hills. He was a no show for the second straight month.

The February meeting minutes were voted on and accepted as posted on our webpage.

Treasurer’s report was given by Mark as Aaron was not in attendance. After paying the outstanding bills for the upcoming tournament and the website fee’s, we have $2078.55.

Conservation- No report.

Tournament Report- Lake Sammamish Open April 1st. We have a $50 credit from our permit from last year after the event was cancelled. Mark and Aaron will get the trophies ordered. Ryan Gates will take a flyer to Three Rivers Marine. Jaymee is taking one to Limit Out and Sportco. Shawn will post the event on WaFish.

First club tournament of the year will be April 2nd on Lake Sammamish with a 6:30 AM blast off. All club members will need a new fishing license.

Get your reservations for the club events at Potholes, Roosevelt and the Willamette. Saturday night at the Grand Coulee motel Luke and Matt will be making Gumbo.

Federation report- Ryan Gates is the team Captain for our TBF qualifier team. They are working out the details and pairing up. Still up in the air as to if the club will donate any money to our qualifier team for entries.

Old Business- The constitutional amendment was voted on that Doug proposed last month. It passed overwhelmingly.  

Constitution was amended as follows:

Article II Section III Membership Dues: Membership dues shall be $100 annually payable by the October club meeting of the calendar year. New members will pay $70 for the first six months as a probationary member.

New Business- Anthony wanted money out of the treasury to buy raffle items at the Classic. Motion was denied. Bass Pro has been working with Eddie Kidd and they would like us to come and do some bass seminars there. Eddie said that he could get it set up. Doug advised that Bass Pro would have to make it beneficial for us to do that. They would have to be a club sponsor and assist with product for our money tournaments. Eddie said he would work on it.

Meeting adjourned at 8:28 PM.

Raffle generated $136. All the money went in the club treasury.