Puyallup Hawg Hunters
June 13, 2018 Meeting Minutes


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Puyallup Hawg Hunters

Meeting min. 6/9/21


Called to order via Zoom: 7:05 PM

New member: Mike Swearingens and Yvette Gross were present. Welcome to the club.

Treasurerís report: $3,153.57 in our account.

Conservation: nothing to report

Tournament report: HAWG HUNTERS WIN!!!!! The Hawg Hunters were the overall winners of this years jamboree. Congrats also to Matt Milatz who was the overall all winner with 34.40lbs more than 17lbs a day. Good job to all.

Federation report/New business: Lengthy discussion was had concerning the state federation and various concerns with the management of it. The pros and cons of switching over to BASS Federation were discussed at length as well.

Rich and Doug presented a constitutional proposal change to from a TBF club to BASS Nation. THIS PROPOSAL WILL BE UP FOR A VOTE AT THE NEXT MEETING.

We will be checking with Dennyís about possible in person meeting.

Old business: Mark is still working on apparel

Meeting adjorned: 8:13 PM