Puyallup Hawg Hunters
June 14, 2017 Meeting Minutes



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Meeting called to order: 7:07 PM

Special guest: Jo and JJ Stark father and son were in attendance and expressed interest in the club.

Treasurerís  report: $717.13 checking a total balance of $1302.00. So far this year we have raised $585 through tournament entry fees. Our 2018 permit fees are due.

Aaron is stepping down as the club treasurer

Tips and tactics: Mark and his sidekick Luke Morgan provided tips and tactics. Mark talked about how to save money making your own baits. Mark demonstrated how he makes his own unique molds for soft baits using clay and/or RTV. Luke Morgan talked about pouring, tying and painting your own jigs. Luke talked about making a fluid bed for better paint jobs on your jigs. If you missed it or have any questions feel free to contact either of them.

Meeting min: The meeting min. from last months meeting were accepted as posted on the website.

Conservation report:  The warm water biologist that was at out Tapps weigh in (Kenny) made mention of a habitat project for Lake Tapps, hopefully we will get more info in the near future on it.

Tournament report: Rich went over results from Washington which are posted on the website. Travis won that tournament. He said that on day one he was focusing on pre-spawn fish using a spinnerbait and on day two he focused on bed fish. Rich also went over results from the Jamboree and Tapps which are also posted.

Jaymee provided the proposed schedule for 2018.


April---Long Lake Spokane

May---Jamboree Banks



Aug---Crow Butte

Sept---Moses Lake


All dated and locations are subject to change.


Federation Report: Looking for a new federation rep. There was a meeting with the federation at the Jamboree. Some ideas from that meeting; cutting the qualifiers down to two weekends  which may include 2 one day tournaments on a single weekend. Also talk about changing the requirement that says we have to have an even number of boaters and non-boaters. Discussion followed.

New business: discussion about purchasing new weigh scales was brought up. We get a 10% discount from Pro Tournament Scales as a TBF club.

See Mark about new hats

Old business: nothing

Meeting adjourned: 9:08 PM

The raffle was held which earned $48 for the club and $100 back to the raffle. Ryan Blankenship was given the money to purchase items for the next raffle.