Puyallup Hawg Hunters
July 14, 2021  Meeting Minutes


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Meeting Minutes for July 2021

Meeting was called to order at 7:16 pm

Prospective new member was in attendance Monti Minion.

Big Fish of the Year pot is sitting at $580 and a 6.10 is leading it.

Meeting minutes from June were accepted as posted on our website.

Treasurer Report: Bank account has $3403.60 plus some money was turned in from tournament entry fees.  Permits for next ear have already been paid out of the cash from the tournament entry fees and Mark Mrzena was repaid for his meeting room expenses for the Ram also out of that money.

Conservation-Nothing to report. State does not have any projects planned.

Tournament Report- Moses results are posted on our website. Keith O’Rouke took the win. Grep Milatz  won the big fish.

Schedule for next year is proposed as:

Sammamish, Silver, Jamboree, Vantage, Umatilla, Roosevelt and Lake Washington. We are still awaiting to see if we have any conflicts with our permits before posting the actual dates.

Fish reports-none

Safety-There was a boating accident on Lake Tapps where a pleasure boater ran over the tow rope of another boat that had a child on a tube. Use caution out there as some of the boaters are intoxicated and drive erratically.

Federation Report-Club held a vote to switch from TBF to Bass Nation. The motion passed unanimously. Starting in 2022 the club will be a member of the Bass Nation. This will require members to purchase a BASS membership on their own prior to paying club dues.

New Business-Having a new club meeting place was discussed. Denny’s is not able to host us for the foreseeable future. Mark Mrzena stated that he has been in discussion with the Ram about it. They do charge for the room, but he thinks we can get the price down to a reasonable level. Joey Taylor offered to pay for the room for the year. Mark stated he would let the club know how the negotiations turn out.

Old Business-PHH apparel is live on the web. Link is on our Facebook and our website. You can purchase apparel until July 26th.

Club dues are on standby till September or October. With the new Bass Nation club dues are reduced to $85 for full members and $55 for associate members.

Meeting was adjourned at 8:15 pm