Puyallup Hawg Hunters
January 10, 2020 Meeting Minutes


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MEETING MIN. 1-8-2020

Called to order: 7:03PM

Special guest: Brandon, Will, Chris and Eddie were in attendance and interested in joining the club

Conservation: Rob is not getting a response from WDFW

Tips & Tactics: Keith spoke about general maintenance in light of the upcoming season. Keith advised about checking over your boat from one end to the other starting with the prop and working to the bow. Check for any line wrapped around the prop shaft. Making sure all fasteners are tight. All electrical connections are free of corrosion and tight. All grease fittings are greased. Filters, plugs, fluids and water pumps are changed at appropriate intervals. Also do not neglect the trailer. Ensure tires are in good condition and properly inflated. Wheel bearings are checked and maintained. Check lights and wiring etc. Keith chose Frank White for next meeting.

Treasurers report. Joe reported there is $1917 total in our account. He later realized he made an error and counted a check twice. He advised the club officers we have a total of $3,816.09 after the error was corrected. Thanks to Joe for his diligence with our books.

Tournament Report: The Tapp’s draw will be held at the April meeting.

Safety: Check the expiration dates on your auto inflating PFD.

 New Business: Doug will once again be holding the annual big fish pot. This is in addition to the club big fish award for the year. $20 entry to Doug. Biggest fish (bass) of the year caught in a club tournament wins the pot. Entry must be paid before a fish can count.

Rich will be running the fantasy fishing again. $20  contact Rich for password.

Old Business: Daniel Henderson was voted in as a full member.

Meeting adjourned: 7:44PM 

Raffle was held $38 went back to the club and $100 back into the raffle.