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January 11, 2017 Meeting Minutes




Meeting called to order: 7:16 PM

Treasurerís report:  Aaron was unable to make the meeting. No report.

Tips & Tactics: Travis Archer provided tips & tactics. He talked about how he begins       flipping docks and pads in February. He prefers a jig with a boot tail style trailer of a Skull Candy until April when he switches to a Donkey Chow trailer. He believes when the water gets to or above 50 deg. That is key. Travis picked Eric Hills for next monthís tips and tactics.  

Conservation Report: Luke had nothing new. Some more discussion about interest in a Squaw fish tournament for a conservation project followed.

Tournament Report: Jaymee was sick nothing to report.

Old business:  nothing new in the old business. Mark reminded everyone to please check our web page to make sure your information is correct and if not contact Tom to make changes.

New Business: Ryan Blakenship was voted in as a full member. Congrats Ryan.

The idea of having a backup web master was brought up in the unlikely and unfortunate event that something tragic such as but not limited to death were to happen to Tom. Shomís name was thrown in the hat by Anthony who says Shom has a computer science degree.

Banquet is Feb. 11th 5PM at Mama Stortiniís. You must pay in advance if you wish to attend $22 per person.

Luke reminded everyone that we have a fantasy fishing group on BASS $20 to enter.

Doug will be holding the big fish pot for the year again. $20 must be paid before a fish will count. Brian is the reigning champion with a 7.20 largmouth. Letís all work together to de-thrown him.

Meeting minuets: Mark forgot about the meeting min. from last month till the end of the meeting (his bad). The min. were accepted as posted on line.

Meeting Adjourned: 8:43 PM