Puyallup Hawg Hunters
February 13, 2019 Meeting Minutes


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February Meeting Minutes

Meeting was called to order at 7:10 pm.

5 new prospective members were in attendance.

No Program Activity. Mark is working on someone in the near future.

Tips and tactics-Josh Lucas He talked about using desiccant products in your boat to reduce moisture in your compartments. He had several examples to display. Next month he picked Jaymee Strausbaugh and Jim House will do May.

Meeting Minutes were accepted as posted on the internet.

Treasurerís Report-Joe Scheperle was absent. Joe said via text that we sent $770 to TBF for dues, $267 for trophies and paid $467 to Mama Stortiniís for the banquet. Jaymee has money to offset the banquet costs and will bring it next meeting. Balance was $3355.57

Conservation-Eddie Kidd was not present. Chris Ferry talked about Yamahaís Salt for Bass political action committee. It is a way for our voice to be heard by the politicians. Chris recommended that all club members go on the website and sent out emails to our political representatives about our concerns for our fisheries. Doug spoke about the recent legislation proposed in Oregon that will ban wildlife sporting events for prizes. While fish are not considered wildlife it would be an easy transition to fishing tournaments.

Tournament Report-Rich stated that all our events are finalized and he will send the details to Tom to include on our website.

Big Fish of the Year-Pot is active. $20 buy in winner take all. Fish has to be caught in a club tournament. See Doug to get in the pot.

New Business-Club stickers are being made. Club will purchase them and sell them back to club members. The idea is show club pride and for the club to make a couple of bucks.

Old Business-Club t-shirts, hats and hoody orders are due. Get those into Mark with your money.

Meeting adjourned at 8:03 pm