Puyallup Hawg Hunters
April 10, 2019 Meeting Minutes


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Puyallup Hawg Hunters

Meeting min. 4/10/19


Called to order: 7:12 PM

Special guest:  Mark Jones attended the meeting and joined the club.

Tips & Tactics: Jim House shared some research about fishing line and expressed the                                            importance of fishing line as a lifeline to landing fish. Jim prefers the FG and  
Palomar knots for most situations. Jim also mentioned the importance of paying
attention to line diameter because lines of the same lb test will be different. Line diameter                              should match your hook size as well. Jim chose Nic for tips next month

Treasurers report: total balance of $4,085.17 after paying most recent dues.

Conservation: Eddie discussed the need to keep an eye on your fish during the early spring                             tournaments and ensure you fizz fish that need it.    

Tournament report: Lake Washington team draw tournament will be May 4-5 drivers meeting                                               at 0500 and blast off at 0530 light permitting. The draw was held and the                                         pairings are as follows:


                                    BOATER                                  NON-BOATER

                                   Eddie Kidd                               Scott Miller

                                   Troy Kelley                              Luke Morgan

                                   Grayson Kovar                         Ryan Blankenship

                                   Robert Serrato                         Shom Berrientos

                                   Dan Henderson                               Mike Hostetter

                                   Rich Craft                                Jerry Stevens

                                    Keith OíRourke                     Nic Alther

                                    Mark Mrzena                                    Josh Lucas

                                    Aaron Christel                                    Dez Ruffin

                                    Nick Culver                          Rob Taylor

                                    Joe Androyna                                 Lyle Bowman

                                    Anthony Douglas                    Mark Jones  

                                    Joe Scheperle                                Curtis Blunck

                                    Doug Jorgensen                    Greg Milatz

                                    Jim House                          Matt Milatz


Safety: Doug reminded boaters to watch out for each other during the tournament

Federation Report: We announced that we need a new representative from the club for the                                                 federation.  Eddie Kidd volunteered.

Old Business: Donít forget to get in the bug fish of the year pot. $20 see Doug.

New Business: the club was advised that Ryan Gates membership with the club and the TBS has                              been dissolved  under article V section 1.2 of our bylaws due to his arrest and                                charging for child molestation.


Meeting adjourned: 8:15PM