Puyallup Hawg Hunters
April 11, 2018 Meeting Minutes


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Meeting called to order: 7:12 PM

Treasurers report: $2,533.31 total    

Meeting Minuets.: The min. were accepted as posted on our website.

Conservation: nothing to report. We are looking for someone to become out conservation officer.

Tournament report: Potholes tournament upcoming. Watch for possible launch location change due to walleye tournament occurring on the lake at the same time. We will be utilizing the Gator Grip mesh bags for the weigh-in.

Tips & Tactics: Tim talked about late winter to early spring fishing. He talked about fishing the transition areas from deep to shallower water. He also mentioned the importance of spending time on a body of water graphing. This time of year you have to slow down and also cover a lot of water to locate fish.  Tim chose Brian Vance for next month

Safety: Doug reminded everyone to make sure they have the mandatory CO2 stickers on their boat.

Federation report: nothing to report

New business: Joe submitted a written change to the bylaws regarding late fees to those who pay their annual dues late. Calls will be sent out to establish our TBF state team.

Old business: none

Meeting adjourned: 8:32 PM




Called to order: 7:11 PM


Tips & Tactics:  Justin talked about being a good co-angler. He talked about limiting the number of rods you bring as a co-angler (5-6). Itís a good idea to condense your tackle down to a minimum. Communicate with your boater where; when; what; technique specifics. Etiquette such as not casting over your boater and lastly agreeing on a fair amount for gas money. Justin chose Tim Griswold for next month.

New Business:  Limit Out Marine will be holding a spring seminar April 7th

Meeting Min.: The min. from last month were accepted as posted on the website

Treasurers report: $2,401.82 total

Conservation report: Luke has been in touch with Pierce Co. Parks and Recreation, they are looking at something to do. More to follow. Anthony also brought info on the Pikeminnow program.

Tournament Report: By the time of this posting the Sammamish tournament will have concluded and results are online.

Safety: Doug reminded everyone that we are still in the cold months to dress properly and always wear your life jackets. Also be aware of your surroundings while operating your boat in light of recent national accidents.  

Federation: Next meeting we will pick those who will represent the club in the qualifiers.

New Business: Nothing to report.

Old Business: Ian was voted in as a full member. Congrats Ian!

Meeting Adjourned: 8:21 PM

Raffle: $100 went to Justin to purchase items for next months raffle and $15 went back to the club.