May 9, 2007 Meeting Minutes

SPECIAL GUEST(S): Bob Wilder from Redding California and Ronald Storment from the Tri Cities area.
BIG FISH: No one claimed big fish.
TIPS, TACTICS AND TECHNIQUES: Aaron Christel talked about proper nutrition and hydration while fishing in the warmer weather. Low fat, low salt and hi carbs. will help give you the energy you need to get you through a long day of fishing. He also talked about techniques he like to use to catch spawning fish. His favorite is a weightless tube with a small hole bit towards the top of the tube to help the tube sink. Mack Randle and Bob Graf are on for June.
MEETING MINUTES: Minutes were accepted as posted.
TREASURE'S REPORT: Stephanie reported a balance of $2194.67.
CONSERVATION REPORT: Marv Walker has scheduled the club to build net pens at Pot Holes on June 9th and will look into June 10th due conflict with NW bass.   Campsites are 1/2 off to those who help build net pens.
TOURNAMENT REPORT: Tom applauded Larry Williams for his new fish weigh tank design. Mike Buse talked about the Jamboree which is held over Memorial day weekend. It is a family oriented event and would like to get more members to participate next year.  The club will assign a member to reserve sights and promote it to the club for 2008. Tom also talked about the Silver Lake results and about looking for a new place to launch and camp for future events.   Jaymee and Mike Peters talked about how they caught there fish at Silver Lake. We will be launching from Connelly Park located on the north end of the lake for the Moses Lake tournament.
SAFETY COMMITTEE: Doug Jorgensen was absent.
FEDERATION REPORT: Larry Williams was absent. Tom talked about the poor participation for the State team and that he would not fish for the team if we did not receive more people (10 total, 5 boaters and 5 non-boaters). Only three people are signed up for the State team.
NEW BUSINESS: The club voted that Frank White 2006 Klutz winner for finding fish in his live well after 2 different event weigh-ins and will be presented with the trophy at June's meeting.  Frank was also nominated for this years Klutz for kicking one of his fishing poles over board at Silver Lake.  Larry Guck was nominated for laying his weigh bag down to protect Doug's boat from hitting another boat and letting his winning fish slither out.  If he would have weighed in this fish he could have possibly won the event. Ron Ryan nominated Bob Graf for not putting in his plug on Saturday and for trimming down to for while putting his boat in in Sunday and dragging bottom.  Gerald Dunn is bob Wilder's buddy and Ron Ryan is Ronald Storment's buddy.  Mark Willis was voted into the club as a new member.
OLD BUSINESS: Gerald Dunn awarded Tom Melowitz with his Banks Lake winning trophy.  Contact Joe Scheperle if you are interested in coat (the more coats ordered at one time will help lower the price).
RAFFLE: A raffle was not held.