Volume 78 Issue 1 Club Website: HTTP://www.puyalluphawghunters.com     May 2003

Puyallup Hawg Hunters

April 6 Banks Lake Conservation

The Work Crew at the 2003 Sammamish Open

    April 6 Conservation

We had 10 club members that planted over 600 trees in the Causeway slews on Banks Lake on April 6th.  Many thanks to the members that represented the club for this Conservation activity.  See the club WEB site for all of the pictures showing the snow early in the morning.

Roosevelt Results
We has 19 club members and 2 guests fish the 2 day Roosevelt club tournament.  The weather was good and lots of fish were caught on day 1 with 8 limits but only 3 limits on day 2.  Congratulations to Mike Buse for his first club tournament win.  Tom Melowitz was second and Joe Scheperle was third.  Chuck Warner had a 5.07 pound big fish which has a good chance of being the big fish for the year.  Complete results are on the WEB.

  Mike Buse with 2 Sunday bass

      Chuck Warner with his 5.07
                Pound  Lunker

    Federation Qualifier
The Puyallup state team finished 3rd at the May 3 and 4 Federation Qualifier at Roosevelt.  Congratulations to the entire team for a job well done.  Two members finished in the top 25:  Tom Melowitz was 9th and Ken Ganancial was 16th.  For complete results visit the Federation site.

Rife Lake Results
We had 16 club members and 4 guests fishing the May 10th Rife Lake tournament.  Congratulations to Doug Jorgensen for his win with 12.72 pounds.  Tom Melowitz was second and Gerald Dunn was third and also had the big fish, a 3.60 pound smallie.  The weather was reasonable with clouds the entire day and the wind blowing in the afternoon.  See the entire results on the WEB

       Doug with 2 Rife Lake bass

   Mike Buse with a yellow lizard?

     Sammamish Open 
Many thanks to the work crew pictured above and the other club members that helped to put on the 10th annual Lake Sammamish Open.  The fishing was good with 21 of 29 teams weighing fish.  The unseasonably warm weather saw 10 largemouth weighed in.  The complete results are on the Web Site.  The highest finishing club team of Paul Jones and Joe Scheperle finished 8th.  The team of Tom Melowitz and Ken Ganancial weighed the big fish of 4.63 pounds. 
        March 30 Club
   Tournament on Lake
We had 20 club members fish the Lake Sammamish tournament.  The weather was great with water temperatures almost in the mid 50's!  9 of 20 members caught fish. The catch was considerably better than past years.  Congratulations to Joe Scheperle for winning.  Joe went north in the afternoon and found largemouth. 9 of 20 fish caught  were largemouths!  Bryan Vance was second and had a 4.13 pound  smallie for big fish and Art Soto finished 3rd.  Complete results are on the WEB.

            Joe with 2 largemouths 

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