May 8, 2002 Meeting Minutes

The meeting was called to order at 7:02 PM and adjourned at 9:10 PM.  Jim Littrel, from J& B Lures, and Tad Denend “Tad Pole”, 3798 Thorsen Rd. West, Bremerton, WA. 98312, 360-377-295?, BASS # 41021476, were a special guests.  No one claimed the big fish pot.

Program Activity:  Jim Littrel talked about new rods and tackle he is carrying and explained why he did not provide the club with product for the Sammamish Open.  Basically the club is not supporting Jim very well.  We need to support our sponsors.

Raffle: The raffle generated some money.

Treasurer’s Report:  Ken Ganancial reported a balance of 

Minutes:  Gerald Dunn was not in attendance so the April Minutes were not approved.

Conservation Report:  Frank & Blaine did some work on environmental impact and how to disseminate environmental information and will report back at the next meeting.  There will be possible club work day at Banks Lake during July.

Federation Report: No report

Tournament Report:  Eric Woods talked about winning the Lake Washington tournament.  21 fish were weighed with big fish being 4.57.  The club took 7th place at the Lake Washington Qualifier.  Paul Jones finished 24th.  It was outstanding fishing and should be considered for a club tournament for next year.  The drivers meeting will be at 5:30 am on Saturday for Duck Lake.  Blast off will be 6:00 am both days and weigh-in at 3:00 pm on Saturday and 1:00 pm on Sunday.

Safety: Bring in your boating safety certificates! We can’t get the others back. It is a requirement for maintaining your membership.

Old Business: 1st Annual Kid’s Day Picnic on Duck Lake Saturday July 20th. 8 AM – 4:30 PM.  The park has been reserved.  Activities will be determined by “the picnic committee”.   

Club members signed a card for one of the Hyaitt Pontiac employee’s wives.

 Paul Jones has reserved our normal camping area at Coulee Playland at Banks Lake for the Jamboree.  Please fill up the site from the back to make room for everyone.   We need to get the trophies for the winners of last years Kids Casting event.  Puyallup will be running the Kids Casting event again this year and all members who attend the Jamboree are required to help.

New Business:  The club voted to give Franco $300 to help with expenses during the B.A.S.S. Federation Divisional at the California Delta.  Ryan Gates was voted in as new member.  The state team will meet at Tom’s house the Wednesday prior to the Lake Washington Federation Tournament.

Klutz nominations: Gerald Dunn was nominated for driving and dieseling Franco's room.

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