March 10, 2010 Meeting Minutes


The meeting began at 8:00 PM.  No one claimed the big fish pot.  John Minica, Jim Boytte, and Derrick Eggimann were special guests. 

Program Activity:  
Kevin Jones was the special guest and was there to talk about and what the website offers and was also there to talk about the new line of Dobyns rods that are now on the market.  He also donated a bunch of toys for the Mickelson tourney in October witch goes to Mary Bridge.  You can find him at

Tips, Tactics and Techniques:   Kevin Jorgenson talked about boat prep for the winter months and also getting it ready for the new fishing season. Always make sure batteries get a good charge . Check oil and pull the plug for proper ventilation. Make sure gas has a ethanol treatment. Check all safety equipment and electronics. Always prep boat couple days before tourney in case up run into any problems..  Frank White is on for April.

Raffle:  The raffle generated $52.

Treasurerís Report: 
Wayne is doing his best trying to get everything organized.  He should have everything figured out in April.

Minutes:  The minutes from February were as accepted as posted on the Internet.

Banquet Report:   Nothing

Conservation Report: Nothing.

Doug talked about boater safety cards. You are required to have one if you are 30 yrs of age or younger. Please follow the laws.

Federation Report: 
The 2010 state team is as follows so far.  Boaters: Jaymee Strasbaugh, Ryan Gates ,Tom Melowitz, Emanuel Villarreal, and Kevin Jorgenson.  Non-boaters: Ron Ryan, Kevin Higgins, Michael Coffey, Joe Scheperle, and Dez Ruffin.

Tournament Report: The Sammamish Open and club tournament are on the 27th and 28th of March respectively.

Fishing Report: 
Shawn McDaniel said the fishing is good on both Washington and Sammamish. Football heads are the ticket. The fish are on the move!!!

Old Business:  None

New Business:  Auburn Sports and Marine is having a 30% off sale on March 17th.  There will be lots of new products.  Gerald, Hoss and Emanual are buddies for John Minica, Jim Boytte, and Derrick Eggimann respectively.
Klutz nominations: None.