March 12, 2008 Meeting Minutes

The meeting was called to order at 7:10pm and adjourned at 8:55 pm.  No one claimed the  big fish pot.   Special guests were Luke Morgan  and Brent M.

Program Activity:  None

Tips, Tactics and Techniques: Chris Ferry talked about tips and modifications when throwing swim baits and the rods, reels and line  to use when throwing them.  He showed off his amazing swim baits collection.  Mike peters and Thane are on for next month.  

Banquet Report: 
No Report.

Raffle:  The raffle generated $60.   Thank you for the raffle donations.   More items are needed.

Treasurer’s Report:  
Stephanie Strasbaugh reported a balance of $1098.46

The February minutes as posted on the Internet were approved.

Conservation Report: 
Marv was absent but Gerald went over some items that the club can perform for Aquatic invasion awareness.  One included hanging signs at local boat launches.

Federation Report:  Larry Williams reported a balance of $3400 owing $4200.  The Federation has sold the Yamaha motor which will put $10k in the pot.  The Bank Lake Shootout will run from 7am – 4pm and will coincide with ABA East.  Weigh-in will count for both if you enter both. The club is on Roosevelt the same weekend.  The Jamboree – The club will do the Kids Casting contest and help hold boats during Sunday’s weigh-in.   Each club must bring at least one raffle prize.  Federation Schedule – The Federation tournament schedule had a conflict with the Moses Lake Open   and the schedule has been changed to the following: June 14th Lake Whatcom (one week before the club),   July 26th on Potholes and the final tournament on March 19th stating that June 14th is on Moses Lake. Team dues must be post marked by March 31st or   a $50 late charge will be applied. The club will assist in tear down on Sunday.    A Big opportunity exist for our club to shine – Puyallup Hawg Hunters will be hosting the State Awards Banquet in November.  Larry would like to have at least 2 volunteers (Doug J., and Ron Ryan) to help with this.  We need to be prepared for at least 60 people and the club would get to keep the money generated from the raffle.  Youth Tournament May 31st and June 1st on the Potholes and they are looking for competitors and   volunteers.  

Tournament Report: 
Larry Williams talked about Sammamish Open preparations.  Larry will handle registration in the morning and weigh-in in the evening.  Frank White will sell raffle tickets and handle the raffle in the evening.   We will need 2 volunteers in the morning to perform boat inspections.   We will also need volunteers in the evening at 1:00pm to help set up for weigh-ins and awards.   Larry also mentioned that if you do not fish the Open you need to sign the Zebra Mussel form on Sunday’s Club Tournament.  Also if your boat has been out of State  you will need to perform a 5% bleach solution flush prior to fishing either day.

Fishing Report:  No reports

Safety:  Doug Jorgensen will soon propose a change in the constitution for the club to follow the State’s new boaters licensing law.

Old Business: No Old Business

Klutz Nominations:  None

New Business:  Frank White is Luke Morgan's buddy and Hoss is Brent's.   

New Members:
No new members to be voted in.