March 14, 2007 Meeting Minutes

The meeting was called to order at  7:00  pm and adjourned at 8:40 pm.   No one claimed the big fish pot.  The special guest at the meeting was Juan Billerbal.

Program Activity:   There was no special program.

Tips, Tactics and Techniques: Marv Walker talked about a technique he uses to remove hooks from your body.  He demonstrated his technique on a piece of fruit.   Jaymee talked about different ways to rig tube baits.   Ron Ryan and Michael Danielson are on for April.

Raffle:  The raffle generated $57.  (We need some raffle items.   Give all raffle items to Frank White).

Treasurerís Report: 
Stephanie Strasbaugh reported a balance of $1477.94 with the trophies for the Sammamish Open still outstanding.

Minutes:  The February minutes were accepted as posted on the website.

Conservation Report:  Marv Walker is going to try to book June 9th for the net pens at Pot Holes

Federation Report:  No report until  after the March Federation meeting.

Tournament Report: Larry Williams talked about preparations for the Sammamish Open and assigned jobs to the volunteers.

Fishing Reports: 
No reports.

Safety: Doug Jorgensen was absent.

Old Business:  Club jackets are $95-100.  Please let Joe Scheperle know if you are interested.  The more coats purchased the less they are. The jig pour at Gerald's work on March 17th was canceled due to poor participation.  Stephanie is not interested in being the sponsor director anymore, but she has reconsidered since the March meeting due to the help she had received at the Sammamish Open. She will continue here duties as the Sponsor Director

New Business:  The club is considering helping to pay for Mack Randle's expenses for fishing the Federation Western Divisionals at Pot Holes.

Klutz nominations: None