Volume 66  Issue 1 Club Website: HTTP://www.puyalluphawghunters.com     March 2001

Puyallup Hawg Hunters

 Sammamish Open winners,  Dennis & Blake Bush with 19.65 #'s and a 4.4 # smallie for big fish

Sammamish Open Tournament Day Workers:  Mike & Cameron Buse, Joe Perrin, Steve Holes, Kevin (Tournament Director) Foote, Art Soto, Bob Massett.

2001 State Team

2001 Lake Sammamish Open

Dave Stressner Sr. repoted that two new members were added to the 2001 State Team due to resignations by Chuck and Jason Whetstine.  Franco Stone has been added as a boater and Eric Woods as a non boater.  Congratulations to both Eric and Franco.  The first Federation Qulaifier is sheduled May 5 and 6 at Tri Cities.  The last Qualifier held at Tri Cities in June of 1999 was won by the Puyallup Hawg Hunters.

   February 17th Jig Pour

Many thanks to Lyle Bowman for hosting the annual club Jig Pour on February 17.  Ken Ganancial reported that 12 club members attended and that many jigs were poured!

Club Calendar

There is a club calendar showing club, ABA, Federation and other activities of importance to the club now on the club Website. If you would like to add something send it to Tom.

    2001 Tournaments

The first club tournament is scheduled for May 19 and 20 at Duck Lake.  Non Boaters should be working on pairing up with boaters for this tournament.  This was one of the best club tournaments of recent years so expect the fishing to be excellent again.

Cast for Kids

Paul Jones reported that the February 9th 

was a big success with a tie in the 7-10 age group by Amy Engstrom and Erica Hill and Brad Engstrom winning the 11-14 age group.

    Newsletter Items

Please send  pictures, articles or stories deemed appropriate for the newsletter  to Tom_Melowitz@yahoo.com.  

The 2001 Lake Sammamish Open was a big success.  The detailed results can be viewed on the club website.  Pictured above are the tournament and big fish winners, Dennis Bush and Blake Bush.  Many thanks to Tournament Director Kevin Foote for another job well done. Many thanks to the tournament day workers pictured above, and to the other club members that worked hard to make the tournament a success( Art Soto - product from sponsors, Paul Jones - trophies, Tom Melowitz - flyers, Ken Ganancial - mailings and money, and anyone else omitted ).  The club made over $1000 from the tournament and raffle.  Detail results will be available at the April or May club meeting.

  2001 Mary Bridge Pledge

A 2001 Mary Bridge Donation Solicitation letter is available on the club Website. 

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