2008 Lake Sammamish Open 
Team Bass Tournament Results

Many Thanks to our Sponsors, Contributors, Participants and Workers

3rd Place

1st Place 2nd Place

Jordon Doucet & Andy Shank Ron Hobbs & Jonas Pettit John Cooper & Greg Johnson


  Team Big
Weight Winnings


Ron Hobbs Jr & Jonas Pettit

  5 10.02 $790

John Cooper & Greg Johnson

3.42 4 9.19 $706

Jordon Doucet & Andy Shank

  3 7.70 $264

Unfortunately we didn't retain the weigh in slips for those that didn't finish in the money.
The other teams that participated are listed below.


Stephen & Andrew Muchlinski


Norman Maniscalco & Mark Smith


Joe Scheperle & Art Soto


Bob Graf & Ron Ryan

  Bill Smith & Keith Helvey        
  Larry Williams & Gates        
  Barson Patnich        
  Aaron Christel & Chris Conklin        
  Jason Depoey & Casey Ross        
  Bryan & Al Vance        
  Rick Crawford & Tom Dunlap        
  Tom Howell & Jason Schmidt        
  Frank White & Mike Hastings        
  Willey Nelson 7 John Davis        
  Ryan Fattore & Ruffin Hernandez        


Rons Hobbs with 2 Fish from the
Winning Bag
Jordon Doucet & Andy Shank with the
3rd Place Fish
Greg Johnson with the Big Fish Frank White with a Nice Smallie

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