Puyallup Hawg Hunters
June 13, 2012 Meeting Minutes



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1.      Meeting called to order at 7:14PM by Aaron Christel President

2.      Minutes from May approved as posted.


3.      Attendance: Aaron Christel President, Joe Scheperle Vice President, Wayne Bailey Treasure, Kevin Higgins Secretary, Emmanuel Villarreal-Gonzalez, Jaymee Strasbaugh, Russ Kroeker, Kenny Ganancial, Adam Hokenson, Keone Omega, James Higgins, Shawn McDoniel, Gerald Dunn, Luke Morgan, Doug Jorgensen, Ryan Gates, Ryan Perry Tom Melowitz, Frank White and Tim Griswold.  Two new members: Stew Burrs and Son


4.      Tips and Tactics – Russ Kroeker – modification to truck to improve


·        factory tires inflated properly or a little higher

·        mobile one synthetic motor oil

·        K&N air filter

·        No cover on boat

·        switched to ethanol free fuel for long trips (South Hill Mini Mart) also good for boat.  (PurGas application for Droid or iPhone)


5.      Treasures Report – Presented by Wayne Bailey – no change

$1977.40 in account – $936.28 Checking, $801.15 Savings, $240.00 Petty Cash



6.      Tournament reports –

Lake Sammamish – Top Five: Ty Watterson 25.5lbs, John Davis , Jaymee Strasbaugh 29.0lbs, Keone Omega 30.95lbs and Big Fish, Kenny G. 31.49lbs – Bed Fishing name of the game, North End large mouth


Lake Tapps – North Launch 5:45AM Boaters Meeting at the gate, 6:00AM Blast Off, 3:00PM Weigh In both days - $15.00 Launch Fee - $7.00 to Park – 60 miles on lake



Doug – James                       Gerald – Kevin                     Tom by himself

Luke – Keone                        Dwayne - Ryan

Ken – Wayne                        Joe - Ty

Jaymee – Ryan                     Aaron - Adam

            Riffe Lake – campground full – launch from Mosey Rock


7.      Fishing Report – nothing


8.      Federation Report – no meeting – Jamboree – Hawg Hunters keeps

slipping, only sitting in 7th place –


Federation paid for hotel and fuel stipend for Divisional– Good Job Gerald and Russ


Dream Team tournament information posted on the Federation website


9.      Conservation Report –

Hawg Hunters/Vine Maple Place Fishing Event - August 11th, 2012 at Lake Tapps


See Kevin as he has worked very hard with fish and wildlife – Christmas tree habitat restoration – Tribes are able to make adjustments faster so are the way to go


10.  Fishing Report – No Report


11.   Safety Report – A lot of people on Tapps due to good weather, slow

down in the afternoon for lots of traffic an drunks, event with large boats


12.   Big Fish – No Fish


13.   Kluts Nominations –

Frank White – lost keys – were in his pocket the whole time

Kevin Higgins – C.J. Strike pre-fish – Ken was pulling up to dock, Kevin was getting ready to jump off onto dock, Ken kicked into reverse, Kevin goes into the water wearing inflatable life vest, which inflated.


14.    New Business –

tournament schedule for next year permits in by July 1st, by Wednesday – committee of four – Jaymee leader, Keone, Wayne, Kevin, and Ryan – think about travel and cost – space out Eastside, permit coasts, Motor restrictions, qualifier schedule, Northwest Bass (2nd Saturday every month)


Limit Out is now a Diawa dealer or any other gear; they will order it for you and can have it shipped directly to your house


No Raffle tonight


Meeting adjourned at 8:35PM


NOTES:   Update on Travis Archer – back up and good to go, fishing already, still having memory lose and having to relearn motor control.