June 13, 2007 Meeting Minutes


The meeting was called to order at 7:10 pm and adjourned at 8:25 pm.  There were no special guests.  Chris Ferry claimed the big fish pot with a 5.75 smallie caught on June 8th on Lake Washington.

Program Activity:  None

Tips, Tactics and Techniques:  Bob Graf talked about fishing spinner baits and his technique of interchangeable skirts, blades and retrievals.   Tom Melowitz and Mac Randle are on for July.

Raffle:  The raffle generated $80.

Treasurerís Report:  Stephanie Strasbaugh reported a balance of $2170.

Minutes:  The minutes from May were accepted as posted on the Internet.

Banquet Report:   No report.

Conservation Report:  5 members and 2 relatives built 30 fish pens at Pot Holes.  Stephanie brought up the lack of members participating.   Some members said the lack of budget was a problem, but people can car pool.!

Safety:   No Report

Federation Report: 
We put together the FLW State Fishing Team and paid for the entry amount of 600.00. The first tournament is on Lake Chelan on the 6/15/07 and 6/16/07. Good Luck

Tournament Report:  The club  took 6th at the Jamboree.   11 people fished.  The kids casting results are posted on the web site. The Moses Lake tournament hours are posted on the Web.   Camping sites- located by launch has no power.  Grant County Fair grounds has battery charging sites 18.00 per night if you would like a spot please contact Joe Scheperle.   Tom also warned us about the shallow areas.

Old Business: See Joe Scheperle if you are interested in a club jacket.

New Business:  
New Members Bob Graf, Shawn McDaniel, Ron Ryan, and Daniel Thomas were voted in as full club members.

Klutz nominations:  No Nominations