Puyallup Hawg Hunters
July 8, 2015  Meeting Minutes



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Meeting called to order at 7:18 and adjourned at 8:55 pm.  No one claimed the big fish pot.  Hoss showed up late again. 

Special Guests: 
Mike Costanzo
Fishing Report: No reports
Program activities: No Program Activities.
Tips/Tactics and Techniques:  Shawn McDaniel's talked about Riffe Lake baits.
Treasurer's Report:  No Report.
Conservation Report: We talked about Holding Tanks for the Federation.

Meeting Minutes:  The June minutes as posted on the internet were approved.

Tournament Report:
 We talked about the Federation (McDanial winner, and club members standings). Riffle draw was drawn. Will launch from Mossy Rock.
Safety Report: We talked about the importance of watching for boaters in need of assistance.

Federation Report: 
No report


New Business:  The club passed the new rules:  Increasing the Roster to 75, awarding 75 points for first place starting in 2016, changing the number of draw tournaments from two to one.  Rich Craft was voted into club

Old Business:  None

Klutz:  No nominations

Raffle:  Raffle made $46 to the club, $100 to Ryan Gates for the next raffle.