Volume 87 Issue 1 Club Website: HTTP://www.puyalluphawghunters.com     July 2005

Puyallup Hawg Hunters

6/25/05 Building Fish Habitat at
Pot Holes

6/18/05 Building Fish Habitat at
Pot Holes

      Building Fish Habitat

Pictured above are the club members that traveled to Pot Holes to build fish habitat structure on Saturday 6/18 and Saturday 6/25. This is part of a multi year effort to plant artificial fish habitat.  Members attending on 6/18/05 were Jaymee and Stephanie Strasbaugh, Rick and Renee Muir, Larry Guck, Jamie Wegmann and Tom Melowitz.  Members building structure on 6/25/05 were Ken Ganancial, Marv Walker, Mike Buse, Mike Hostetter, Chris Ferry, Jaymee and Stephanie Strasbaugh, Rob Towers and Chuck Warner. 

   2005 Most Improved Race

It looks like a close race for the most improved angler for 2005 with John Davis and Chris Ferry leading with an improvement of 14 places between last year and this year.  Jamie Wegmann is close behind with an improvement of 11 places.   Keep you eye on this race which will probably not be decided until after the Lake Washington tournament.

   Tournament Winners

Congratulation to Chris Ferry for winning the Sammamish tournament, Doug Jorgensen for winning the Silver Lake tournament, Doug Jorgensen for winning at Boyer Park and Bryan Vance for first place at Tri Cities.

        Club Elections

Nominations will be taken at the August and September meetings for 2006 Club Officers.  Elections will be held at the September meeting with new officers taking office at the October club meeting.  If your interested in holding a club office make your intentions known to other club members.  It's rumored that Doug Jorgensen will not be running for president in 2006 so if your interested in this office make sure you are nominated.

    2005 Federation Format

While still in the talking stages it appears that the Federation is contemplating changing the 2006 Federation Qualifiers.  If approved entry fees for each of the Qualifier Tournaments would will be $100 per individual per tournament.  There would be either 4 or 6 qualifiers.  Each tournament would be one day.

   Scholarship Change

The Scholarship Tournament, which is normally held that first week end in October at Banks Lake has been cancelled and will be replaced by a team tournament on the same dates with an entry fee of $200 per team.

   2005 State Team Results

The 2005 Federation Qualifiers are now history for 2005.  The best showing for the club was July 17th at Pot Holes where 4 club members finished in the top 20.  Tom Melowitz was 2nd with 16.40 pounds, Bryan Vance was 9th with 13.90 pounds, Larry Williams was 16th with 10.76 pounds and Doug Jorgensen was 17th with 10.72 pounds. Final results for club members for all 4 tournaments are on the club Website.  One member, Tom Melowitz, finished in the top 25.  Tom finished 11th overall and will be fishing the BASS Western Divisional next May in Idaho.  Congratulations Tom!

   Club Records  - Silver Lake

The club tournament at Silver Lake in May was won by Doug Jorgensen with 28.47 pounds.  20.57 pounds came on day 2.  The 20.57 pounds in one day set a club record for the most weight in a single day in a club tournament.  Good job Doug!

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